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Monday, October 27, 2014

BOMs Away - New one! - Wind In the Whiskers

Welcome to the Link-Up for BOMs Away Mondays!
We'd love to see the BOM you're working on lately.
This week's link-up is at the bottom of the post.

I started a new BOM in the 4th-week rotation since Heart & Home is finished. :)  This one is actually new this year, rather than pulled out of the old NETY storage (Never Even Been Touched). All grown up, it will look like this:

The kit for this was actually a birthday present to me in August, when a sale serendipitously coincided. This BOM has tantalized and teased me for over a year, and I really enjoyed watching Barbara over at Cat Patches work on hers - boy, did that torture me!  I've been washing/pressing the fabrics since then, waiting for this open spot on my BOM rotation. 

So this week I pulled out Block One's packet, thinking I'd get at least the background and horizon elements all fused together.

Wrong!  Holy Smokes! This isn't my first McKenna Ryan quilt - I've actually done three others, and they're always intricate. But this one! I literally stood there pursing my eyebrows and scratching my head while flipping through the sheets, turning them over and staring through the glaze that was growing over my eyes. I have never seen anything so painful to decipher. Barbara remembered it being tricky, too, and fortunately she shared that it's the hardest one of the bunch. 

Well.... "All" I got done was to trace each piece and get the fusibles cut out and "gutted" (I do that to both save on fusible since you can trace smaller things in the bellies of bigger things, and to keep the quilt from getting super-stiff). I carefully sorted them all into baggies for different focal points. Hours of work right there!

I did also get some more needle-turning finished on my Fiesta Mexico block 1. The branches for this one are going to take forever! To keep myself from going absolutely bonkers staring at that midnight blue all the way across this very long block, I went ahead and back-basted some of the acorn bodies on the first "tree" (the blue is much darker than it shows here and starts to bug your eyes out after a while). Guess I'll work this block's various layers as-I-go instead of one at a time all the way across. Do you like my leopard PJs?  :)  

Oh, and why not throw in a couple shots of life around the house lately!

Navarre ran and sat on Devon's new witch hat like a pin flying onto a super-magnet~  LOL

And our Taekwondo belt boards are finally updated from the last test. Such a terrible angle and lighting on the stairs to catch good shots of them...

Getting fitter!


How are you doing with your BOMs?


  1. That quilt will keep you busy for a while! Fancy putting the trickiest block first, but at least you're reassured knowing it will get easier. Its so funny how cats love to sit on things. Navarre looks like a proper Halloween cat.

  2. I have those patterns too - and you and Barbara are scaring me to death!!! All those tiny pieces in those bags - ugh!!! *shuddering!*

  3. That's going to be worth all the work when you are done. Those kitties are so entertaining.

  4. The new BOM is beautiful! Congrats on getting started on it within the same year you got it! :) ~Melanie

  5. This McKenna Ryan pattern looks just right up your alley! I bought one block of the dog park kit...I'll get to it one of these days. Which fusible are you using?

  6. I know you'll do great with that new pattern, those intense tiny pieces worry me, I'm sure I'd end up screaming as I ran to the trash with them, LOL.

  7. It's complicated, but you'll get 'er done. One step at a time.


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