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Sunday, May 25, 2014

BOMs Away - The Memorial Day Edition

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We'd love to see the BOM you're working on lately.
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Hi! Since it's Memorial Weekend, I devoted today's sewing to working on blocks for Kevin's Quilts of Valor block drive. Whipped up 15 blocks that will be arranged something like this with enough others that he's received to round out a full quilt.

The rest of the day was spent doing community service time as a family. We volunteered at the Black Forest Slash and Mulch Yard. It was a beautiful day above us.

Looking back toward our home, though, you can see the black band of clouds in the lower distance. Apparently we missed a nasty hail storm!

It's a superb concept, the yard. For $2.00 you can dump as much tree and shrub debris as you can bring in on a truck and trailer. Every week it's run through a GIGANTIC mulcher that's a little larger than a semi tractor-trailer combo. (It was at another location today, so I couldn't snap a shot of it.)  For free you can carry away as much mulch as you want to load. Or you can pay $5.00 on a Saturday to have a front loader place a load in your truck for you.

Everything is run by volunteers. Pat and Heather manned the gate with me. . . 

And Scott and Devon preferred helping folks off-load. These shots were all snapped during a lull - usually many trucks and trailers are lined up to unload.

Just as we were trying to figure what we wanted to do for dinner, a wild turkey started walking around the yard!  

Too funny.  :)    Looks like dinner to me!
(We had sloppy joes.)

It likes the top of the debris pile. There are two lines about 50 yards long each and maybe 15 feet deep. After each shift, front-loaders shove the freshly-dumped debris back and up so that it's about 12 feet tall. 

Pretty cool place, eh?  Super useful, too, for those of us who live in woodsy areas that need to be kept mitigated for fire hazards.


Have you done any BOM work lately?


  1. Thanks for the shout out Lynn! Can't wait to receive your blocks and piece them into a QOV! Make sure I get them before June 1st! LOL I admire you and your family for volunteering like this! That's really great!

  2. I love your community service project. I wish we had something like that around here. Great blocks, too.

  3. Cool blocks, Lyn - I know they will look great in a quilt. And good for you volunteering at that yard. Very commendable.

  4. Nice blocks! And the mulch yard is really cool - a great way to help a lot of people!

  5. Pretty cool, I have never seen a turkey in the wild! Looks like a great day, and a great way to spend some do-good-family-time!


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