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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

WIP - yeah, yeah, yeah - Haven't I learned not to sew late at night? ;D

Crimeny Crickets.  

LOL. I thought I'd learned already that it is not a good thing at all for me to use my sewing machine after 9:15.  (We get up stinkin' early around here.)

First time I've done this binding snafu.  :)
Can you see on that black that I lined up the folded edge
instead of the raw edges?

So today's WIP is unpicking the seven feet of backward-attached binding. On a minkee quilt, no less! I even went around a corner before my brain finally noticed it and called it quits for the night.

Spending some quality time with my frogger friend.
"Rip-it, Rip-it"  

And a fun WIP for the new place - 

We have this super-high 15-foot wall in the house, so my Hubby-Man put up a pulley system for me to be able to display quilts up there and change them out without fighting the weight on a scary-tall ladder every time.

I was impressed that he thought to put potholders on the ladder's tops to keep them from marring the wall. Pretty good thinking for a man!  ;D 

We bought decorative curtain rods to put up on each side of the wall. This side is the piano parlor, the other is the family room.

On this side I'll hang the huger quilts. Patriots in Petticoats will go up as soon as I have its sleeve stitched on. For now, we lugged Sailing with the Flying Needles up there. It's a 90-incher. One day I'll have everything unpacked and all these piles here and there will be GONE.  :)  One day we'll also have decor up. Even a quilt by itself, though, makes it so much homier.

I ran out of discretionary money before I could buy some pretty cording that will fade into the wall, so a $1.50 pack of clotheslining will stand in for a couple of weeks. 

This armoire knob will also stand in until I can find the perfect tie-off hook to install on the wall. It'll be awesome when it's all finished.  :D

And the whole while Scott was working, this fella kept an eye on events through the window.

Thank you to Lee and this week's host for facilitating this motivation link-up!
WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


  1. Wow, what a great wall. I found the last time we moved (and it will be the last time) that taking my time in getting things together was the easiest on me and every one else.

  2. wow, what a wall, your quilt looks fantastic there. Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday.

  3. Love the idea of a pulley system for that wall and my husband is just too tall. I love pulleys. You've just inspired me design some fabric!

  4. I so sympathize with the late-at-night wretchedness! So many times I've had something stupid/dreadful happen when I really just should have gone to bed! And there aren't many things worse to rip out than minky! On the upside, your piano room is gorgeous and I love the idea of the pulley system for high ceilinged-rooms.

  5. Very cool display system! And your husband is very sweet to make it for you. I have a sewing curfew at 10pm - nothing good is made after then!

  6. I have been there and done that with binding - I am great friends with my froget too :) What a great handy man you DH is.. The wall is great and your quilt looks terrific.


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