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Sunday, July 8, 2012

BOMs Away - Subwoofer Thunder


Welcome to my Link-Up for BOMs Away Mondays!

(We'd love to see the BOM you're working on lately.)

When you move to the mountainside after you've been a Flatlander for decades, thunder is a real treat! Colorado Springs gets the most awesome sub-woofer effect off those mountains.  :D  

(And when there's plenty of rain, like today, you can just enjoy
the show instead of worrying about fresh outbreaks of fire.)

Look!! I got some non-Dear jane BOM work done this week! All my arc pieces (24) are set in now. The amazing thing is that I didn't get a single tuck on any of the curves. Judy's glue-stick method really helped. 

But I did also work hard on catching up my Baby Janes. 5 finished for a total of 80, bringing me through the March fabric set arrival. I've sewn together 1601 pieces so far for this quilt!

Koko decided to run Quality Control - 

hmm. . . "There's a wobble in this one!"  

Sorry, Koko - I'm not too worried about it.  ;D


Have you made progress on any of your BOMs or interval projects? Link up here to show it off! :D    


  1. What awesome lightning. When I was growing up in Houston, we use to have light shows like that often. Those arcs are amazing also! Can't wait to see what the quilt looks like.

  2. I'm impressed how much you got done this past week, and congrats on the no puckers. They are the major pain of curved blocks.

  3. Well you're settling in quickly and getting the sewing stuff out! Nice work!

  4. We visited The Springs many years ago on a camping trip. Every day there would be thunder and lightening in the mountains but the storm never got to where we were. The first day we ran for cover, and got laughed at by the oldtimers camping there. After that we laughed. We have a son & family around there so we get all the weather news. Nice place to be.

  5. Fabulous photo Lynn, and great Baby Jane blocks. You are definitely settling in!

  6. KoKo is way too picky. I see nothing at all. All your blocks are great!

    I bet everyone in Colorado Springs enjoyed the rain. That was some lighting bolt!

  7. Sure enjoyed reading your previous post, about your "Westward Ho" wagon train. Quite an adventure, I'd say! How amazing to arrive during such a stressful time, but it's good to see you appreciating the wonder of that area. It looks like you have settled in quickly... at least you have that sewing machine going. That's most important! Your Baby Jane blocks are charming.

  8. I have been awesomed about this post. I like everything: the lightning, D. Jane blocks and the arc pieces.
    A hug,

  9. Your arcs are looking wonderful and I love the photos of your cat with the blocks!

  10. Your blocks are fabulous...


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