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Sunday, July 22, 2012

BOM's Away - 22 July 2012 - 2000, Jane!


Welcome to my Link-Up for BOMs Away Mondays!

(We'd love to see the BOM you're working on lately.)

Sometimes I crack me up.  :D

Here are the Jane Babies I finished this week. They were all from my hand-work tote.

You can see that I keep a chart and piece-count for my Rainbow Jane over on my left sidebar. Well, when I entered the piece counts for this week's finishes on the spreadsheet, it told me I was up to 1992 pieces. So tempting to round it up. But yesterday I prepped the next double-set of Babies to work on (the rest of the catch-up, by the way, woohoo!) and right now I am SICK TO DEATH of Jane. 

However, That "1992" just bugged me. It was like it was saying "Neener, neener, neener!" being so close to a perfectly even 2000. So I pulled my Jane Box out of the bureau drawer and fished out all the loose finished Babies.  

Then I gritted my teeth and sewed 8 sashing pieces on (and ONLY 8) so I could get that spreadsheet total to 2000.

Silly me.  :D    But I'm not going to sew anymore Jane stuff today. Machine or hand. She can just cool her jets for a day or two.   Maybe I'll take the family to Batman instead. And a bike ride along Cottonwood Creek Trail. And maybe we'll try some disc golf on that public course along the trail. Oh, wait - Scott says those aren't frisbies they use, but real-live golf discs, which are a little bit different. Maybe we'll have to try that some other day - Something to look forward to.

But, OH!!!!  Thursday morning we suddenly had competing offers come in on our Florida house! I was astonished at how fast it resolved into a contract on the house. So Friday we spent the day looking at the last few houses here on my list and then re-visiting our top two favorites. We put an offer in late that night. Yesterday morning I woke up to find that they had signed our offer with no quibbles!!  I am a Happy Woman.  :D  If all goes well, this will be my new front door on August 22nd:

and I'll be sewing in this basement on August 23rd:

Because let's be real - I'm not waiting until we're all unpacked to do more sewing. . .   ;D


Have you made progress on any of your BOMs or interval projects? Link up here to show it off! :D    


  1. YOu are going to have an amazing sewing room....lucky you!

  2. It seems like everything is falling into place! Can't wait to see your new sewing room all set up.

  3. Congrats on the house sale. $13k more than expected - that's a lotta fabric! Love the blocks and your new place looks special

  4. What a gorgeous sewing room!

  5. Oh, yay, new house time!! That fell into place very quickly! The basement looks great - is it all yours, no sharing with a man cave?

    And Jane...congrats on 2000! But, um, you're not even halfway on the graph. Remind me not to put Jane on my to-make list.

  6. Love the front door. LOOOOVVVEEE the sewing basement. Best wishes and quilty hugs from NZ.

  7. No links from me this week, but I had to stop and say first I love your DJs and second, I'm very jealous...what a fantastic sewing room....and door...grin.

  8. Congrats on the purchase and sale, am green with envy at your sewing room!

  9. Great digs, gal! You're going to love your new house!

  10. Fun, fun, fun! Sick-to-Death-Jane blocks, a house sold under contract, and a new house to look forward to moving into! You've had quite a few days of excitement. It's such an anxiety-ridden, enjoyable time of your lives. Ride high on the waves!

  11. Wonderful Jane blocks and fabulous sewing space. You have been blessed.

  12. Lyn your new basement sewing room is to die for!!! Hopefully once you're ensconced there you'll get your Jane mojo back ;-))

  13. Totally exciting!!! Big congratulaitons on the sale of the Florida home and the new home in Colorado!!! YAY!!!
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  14. Congratulations . . . may all things fit together for both closings!!

  15. What we see of your new CO.home looks very welcoming! And I am envious of your cool climate!
    Love the idea of showcasing your tops in the outdoors who carried them all,LOL?

  16. Love your rainbow Jane. That is such a great idea to do it that way. Those shelves in your new basement will look beautiful filled up with fabrics! Hahaha

  17. Blocks look great, and congrats on the house sale and purchase. That basement sewing room looks spacious and wonderful!!


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