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Friday, May 6, 2011

Wheee!! Time for some fancy Boots and some dancing!! :D)

I feel like a kid!  Such weight is lifted today, with no more coursework for me until Fall!!!

I can blog again without fretting about the time it steals from history writing! I can SEW again for longer than 15 stolen moments!  

First up is to bind the three Alabama tornado quilts and whip up little totes to go with them.  Then I can stitch down the ONE side of binding left on Charming Love (which is probably going to be re-christened as Romancing the Rose - gotta make up my mind quickly, because I'm printing labels tonight)!  I have never had a quilt so close to being completely finished sit there at that stage for so long. It's been driving me NUTS!!

But for today's post, I just had to share the most fantabulous give-away item that I was so incredibly lucky to win at Em's LOOT IN THE BOOT bonanza. It's a finished quilt!! It arrived on Tuesday and has made me smile every so often when I'd look up from the books and the keyboard. 

It has the funnest back with delightful saddles, hats, and lassos coupled with a very pretty pink horseshoe fabric. (Check her blog out - she always has the funnest things going on.)

We call it "Em's Boots" and it is already loved. 

Doesn't it look nice on the sofa? I just adore everything about it. The fun, but calming colors, the metallic gold highlights on the prints, the wonky stars and patches that I've GOT to try myself, the stars and loops in the quilting. . . Devon likes to cuddle in it while watching a show. Marco . . . well, being Marco, he likes to talk to it.  Yep. He sits there on the sofa and talks to it. I really do wish I knew what the heck that cat keeps saying to that quilt!


  1. This is fabulous, Lynette!!
    I love that Marco is a chatty cat!! what a great guy.

  2. Your post title made me want to get up and dance !! A beautiful quilt and a handsome model.


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