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Thursday, March 1, 2018

March Outlook - OMG, 18 in 2018, UFO Challenge, etc.

Image result for It's a secretMy OMG for March, the top HAVE TO FINISH quilt, is my 4x6 mini postcard quilt for the exchange I'm participing in at Elm Street Quilts.  Accomplished!

Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal March Linkup.

I was a little stumped by the cue word my recipient had submitted, but going to a movie last weekend sparked an idea. I've got a concept sketch and now just need to play around with the fabrics to bring it to life.

My 18 in 2018 focus this month will be four-fold:

First, I want to finish my "Fancy Forest," that got a TON of quilting finished during last month's challenge. I just have to do up the background fill and bind this baby.
Just stitching down the binding!

Second, the March selection for the UFO Challenge is #8, so I will be putting Heather's Mermaid quilt on the frame before month's end. The figures have already been trapuntoed - now it needs the main quilting.  Accomplished!

Third, on the mornings I can't work at the longarm, I'll finish the red checkerboards I started in February for my "Listen with Your Eyes," as well as stitch up a March set of checkerboards.   Accomplished!

Fourth, I'll dedicate a weekend doing more assembly on my "Wind in the Whiskers."  Switched this out for 3 weeks of focusing on Down the Rabbit Hole

If you follow me, you know that I operate best with very energetic lists of things to give attention to. It's not stressful to me, because the list is an organizer that gives me things to choose from when something is finished, or when I am burned out on what has been the main drive. This is NOT a "You Have to Do All This!" list. Here are the directions I may take in March:

Other Important Quilting:
Becky's Fox Baby Quilt – customer piece to do up as soon as her batting and panto arrive. Accomplished!
~~~> 70,723 Quilt #392 – This right here is an amazing experience already, and all I've done is take the top sent to me out of the packaging. It will get custom quilting. Information HERE
Raven's Throne – the second of Scott's series request  Got the base made, machine wonked out
Daisy Days – because I didn't get to it in March and want it at my reading chair

Listen With Your Eyes – finish two sets of checkerboards  Accomplished!
Tulip Garden Flannel kit – really try getting this to flimsy status So close, and the machine wonked out!

Color Bears  – Make March's block 
Down the Rabbit Hole – Make the bunnies and centerpieces of each side  Prepped the rabbits!
Wind in the Whiskers – make all the non-kitten pieces for the lower left panel
Classic Nutcrackers  – pull fabrics for block one and start.  Accomplished!
Queen’s Garden  – wash the fabrics, prep block one pieces for machine turned-under stitching.
Forever My Valentine  – when the March kit arrives, fuse and stitch it up  Accomplished!
NETYs – Pull one out to prep  
Accomplished! Thistle Pods is ready to be started on.

Stash Rehab – Work a plan in EQ using that block


  1. I, too, am a list maker and a compulsive organizer. I'm trying hard to stay focused on ONE THING AT A TIME this year and, surprisingly, it is working (with all my lists in the background in case I need them).

  2. Wow, I need to up my quilting game! :)

  3. You have worthy goals once again. I just can't get over how much alike we are in this hobby.

    I wish you much progress, finishes, and happy sewing days for March!

  4. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck on your project.


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