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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

WIP - Learning small-scale ruler spacing

When you don't let technical inexperience keep you from trying out a fun quilting design that popped into your head.  :)

So many firsts on this quilt! The main focus, though, is getting more acquainted with my rulers. Working on the main thread right now, filler work with MicroQuilter to come later.

Plenty of imperfections, but I'm making myself unpick only the very worst slip-ups on this study piece. Definitely going to take a lot of practice to get an eye for 1/8 inch spacing with curved rulers, but I'll get there!

And in the meantime, I'll have a really pretty learning piece. 

[By the way, this was Flimsy #3 for my secondary 18 in 2018 list.]

Edited later:  Now that all the primary quilting is in, and I only need to do the white and red microfills on this mini, I'm thinking two things.

1. This is pretty, even with the technical wobbles!

2. It would have been even prettier with McTavishing in the center background instead of echo work. It had occured to me to try that there, but I shied away from it since there were so many firsts about this birthday-gift-turned-study-quilt already.  I hereby vow to stop shying away from that fill. The next time my eye thinks it would be fitting for a space, I will DO IT.  Yes!   :)

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  1. This is looking beautiful! Enjoy those rulers. They really open up design ideas.

  2. wow, wow!!

    such great encouragement!

    thanks for linking up!

  3. I am so unworthy!!! That's supposed to be what "technical inexperience" looks like?! To my eye, that looks very professional. If these are new ruler techniques for you, then you definitely have a knack for it!

  4. I think it is amazing: McTavishing or not. Love the combination of applique and piecing. Great delectable mountains to set it off. And the feathers in your first border are so eye catching. Nice job!!!

  5. This looks amazing! And, I love the two colour combo, very effective. Thanks for sharing with 'sew stitch snap SHARE'

  6. That is a super beauty!!! I think the echoing looks perfect.

  7. This is jaw-droppingly gorgeous!!!! I have no desire to own a longarm, but you make me think twice, lol. STUNNING!!! And I really love the echo work!

  8. It looks so beautiful Lynette. I think it looks great with the echo quilting in the centre. It makes me yearn for my machine. You are doing such lovely work and your patience and practice will pay off.

  9. Hello Lynette,,
    it is so pretty. Love your quilting, it's perfekt!!! It look's so wonderfull.
    Have a nice day, Marita

  10. It *is* pretty! I'm glad you like it. It's always good to feel like you're learning something new :)

  11. No McTavishing there - the echo quilting was the perfect choice. I'm so glad you decided to go for it!

  12. Oh, Lynette! I’m so envious! I’d love to be able to afford a long arm. But I love my Janome and FMQ. ALL of my quilts are practice quilts! And it’s such fun! You’ve done a beautiful job. I think I like the echoing as opposed to what McTavishing would have looked like. Enjoy your evening!

  13. Oh, Lynette, it is beautiful! The colors, scheme and the quilting design all together looks so harmonic! Have no clue about 'technical imperfections'))) only your eye can find it)

  14. So pretty!! You are giving me encouragement to get my rulers going. I have so many of my own and a few customer quilts to get busy with but I get inside my own head and become paralyzed with anxiety... Great job!!! I love this!

  15. Your quilting is absolutely beautiful! I am loving wathing your projecte get completed.


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