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Friday, January 12, 2018

Whoop! Whoop! Diamonds! Stars! NYBs! FLAT Circles!!

I am whoopin' it up all over the place, I'm so excited about these quilt portions! This is the stack of all FIVE twenty-inch diamond-NewYorkBeauty stars for my "Listen with Your Eyes" quilt (Jacqueline DeJong design). And I am in LOVE LOVE LOVE.

1. They're absolutely stunning!
2. The diamond sections have been waiting since 2010, and they're finally incorporated.
3. THEY'RE FLAT!!  The edges aren't wavy, the centers aren't bowls or molehills! The diamond pieces aren't skewed
4. All 80 Y-seams are perfectly happy!
5. All 120 match-points are spot on! 

I only had to unpick 13 times. Three of those were centers. I only broke two needles and killed one pin. I only drew blood twice.

I'm so happy to have these done up!

This project is on my 18 in 2018 list, and this amount of work certainly qualifies for cross-off. I'm going to wait, though, because there's still a ton of work left on this quilt, and I really really want to get it to flimsy status this year. If I let myself cross it off the list now, I probably will sideline it too much to accomplish that.

A super rare appearance of pressing open for me.
I don't like quilting options to be limited, and I don't like bearding down the road,
but sometimes open is critical for construction.

*Construction note: I put these together differently than the pattern says. Instead of first putting the diamond stars together, and then sewing the tiny joins between tops of NYBs and then setting a full ring into the full star, I constructed all the 3-part quarters of Diamond-Diamond-NYB, then joined them with the middling NYB to create halves, then joined the two halves across the diamonds, and then set in the final two NYBs. Lastly, I did the very easy task of zipping up the tiny top Y-seam edges of the NYBs at the diamond tips. 

I was suddenly worried while putting together the second set of quarter-sections that there was some important reason you should put the star together, put the whole ring together, and then set them together. But it turned out not to be the case. I think constructing it in quarter sections was a lot easier than setting a full star and ring together would have been, and reduced the handling/stretching of bias edges.

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  1. This looks beautiful! Lovely work!

  2. So bright and cheerful. Great job. Such intricate time consuming work. But so rewarding!

  3. Lynette, I think I may have cried a bit when I saw these :) The are STUNNING! I hope this one keeps rolling right along, I can't wait to see it all together. I had to laugh at your "I only" list. Some quilts just feel they have to fight back, but I think you are winning. How many rounds are left in this fight?

  4. I have a round 200-year old oak table, and to protect it from family members leaving white rings from placing glasses of ice water on that table and leaving them sit, I began to make quilted table cloths. A giant dahlia was the first but now looking at your star I am thinking what a stunning idea that would be for my table. Great job, and if it works, it is the right way ... there is hardly ever only one way to do something.

  5. My heavens!!! That indeed is worth one of the loudest and proudest Whoop Whoops in the world!!! Magnificent! I also truly appreciate your construction notes. I came to a similar conclusion last time I attempted a Mariner's star but have not revisited the process to determine if worthy. You have given me courage to at least begin looking at another project!

  6. I was oohing and ahhing and then almost choked when I read 80 Y seams. Yikes! You did an awesome job! It looks fantastic!

  7. Totally, stunningly awesome! You deserve a medal!

  8. Oh my! These blocks are amazing! Congrats on getting them flat and happy. The neatness of your seams and pressing is a thing of beauty and a joy forever :)

  9. That is absolutely beautiful. If the back of my quilt looked that good I would show it off, too!

  10. Oh boy, that's a beautiful block!! I have laughs by reading your post, about needles, pin and bleeding!

  11. Wow, those are amazing - the colours and the workmanship. I was going to say you deserve a medal..... but since it's already been said, I hereby grant you two medals! :)

  12. Wow, I'm over here doing a dance for you too!! Those are amazing blocks. I do have to admit that I a shiver went up my spine when I read Y seams, 80 of them of man, you are a wonder quilter!

  13. This is so striking and looks so complicated! Well done on such an awesome finish xAli

  14. Love those stars!! They are gorgeous! Way to go!!


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