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Thursday, January 4, 2018

Whoop! First Flimsy of the Year & Gettin' Over Myself

Whoop! Whoop!

I'm just too tired for any fancy photo-op'ing

I finished my first flimsy of the year - my Daisy Days Farmhouse Four-Patch, which is a direct replica of Amy Smart's. She was even so kind as to put up a free pattern tutorial for it. Mine came out at 62 x 70.5 inches.

I have to wait for two quilts to be finished before I can put it on the frame - I'm really hoping to have this completely finished and on my reading chair for a Valentine's for myself.

And I've gone insane, surely, but I've picked up the gauntlet laid down by another 18 in 2018'er - In addition to my original list of 18 UFOs I want to finish/advance, I'm curious to see if I can put together 18 flimsies in the year. So this is the start of that list, and my first share of an accomplished item for that challenge.

18 Flimsies in 2018:
  1. Daisy Days Farmhouse Four-Patch

But I've also gotten over myself on a major step for me at the longarm. If you don't have one, you may not know some of the things that are incredibly difficult to control at first: anything on a diagonal. Anything at all. And fine detail work, including controlled small curves. Like quilting in S's and U's. 

Turns out I hemmed and hawwed and put this part of the Sapphire Stars quilting off as long as possible for no real good reason. Given the right tool and super slow speed (thank you, stitch regulator!!) - it really wasn't that bad!

And yes, I honestly did repeat out loud while doing this: "The Force is with me; I am one with the Force. . . "  And Leia bobbled her little head encouragingly. Must've worked.  :)

Just goes to show us: Quit Being Afraid!!!  Jump in and try whatever it is you're dragging your feet on!! The worst that could happen is you'd have to pick it out. Honestly, that's not so terrible, and you just might surprise yourself. You'll surely never develop a skill if you don't even try.  

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  1. Nice flimsy! Good luck with all your projects.

  2. Off to a great start. Love the arrangement of colors.

  3. Way to go!! And I like the idea of 18 flimsies.... I might join in on that, too!

  4. It is such a cold day here and your quilt is such a tease. It looks like spring and reminds me of flowers and Easter candy. What a lovely start to the new year!!!

  5. Congratulations on your Daisy Days Farmhouse Four-Patch flimsy. I'm so envious of you and others who do your own long-arm quilting. I only tackle small projects myself.

  6. Good for you for tackling that tricky bit of curved stitching! You're right, won't ever learn if you don't try :)

  7. That 4-patch quilt is so sweet. You have a lot of great projects going this month.

  8. Wow - that was quick, a flimsy already! Lovely 4 patch.

  9. Cute flimsy. I hope she is ready to use by Valentines day too. The letters looked good on the long arm. It's just like any other technique, practice, practice and more practice!

  10. Very cute flimsy, I really like the mitered corners!

  11. Congrats on the finishing the flimsy, it looks great. Congrats on the milestone with the quilting. Happy stitching in 2018!

  12. What's a flimsy? Easily finished project?

  13. Insane? Maybe........ Seriously, though, good luck. Looks like this will be a very productive year!

  14. I hope I don't put together 18 flimsies this year because most of my quilts are in the ready to quilt phase. If I did that many they would be new starts. Nope! Eighteen new starts wouldn't be good but it would be fun.


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