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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Jan UFO and More Report

Yes!!  I just made it! My January UFO #10 is quilted!!

Linking for the January UFO Challenge report. This is also an item on my 18 in 2018 list, so linking on the January page for that. Double happiness!   

My poor "Bohemia" top was pieced exactly 4 years ago, and has hung in my flimsy closet since then, waiting for the day I'd finally get a longarm and start through the closet in earnest.  

I'd hoped to have it 100% finished by tonight, but I lost a couple days of quilting time due to machine troubles. Turned out to just be a burr, so that was easily buffed and things were back in business at the frame. 

I do have the binding and rod pocket ready to go. (This will be really pretty hanging in either the piano room or the family room.) I'll get those sewn up tomorrow and be able to start in on the hand-finishing of the binding the next time I get to watch TV.

January seriously rocked in terms of quilting accomplishments. I put together a really ambitious list, and actually finished almost every single goal on it. Pretty amazing. I'm not working that hard in February.  ;D

Sapphire Stars QOV for Sterling - completely finished. (That was my January OMG and on it I learned how to do non-linear ruler quilting.)
Bohemia - quilted (My January UFO challenge as well as an 18 in 2018 item)

Daisy Days - now a flimsy
Listen With Your Eyes - all the star circles were assembled, and the green checkerboards sewn together

Wind in the Whiskers - the entire top portion is completely set up and fused
Down the Rabbit Hole - while I didn't get the rabbits for the big applique border prepped, I did get the twisty border sewn and added on, and I did figure out how I'm augmenting this quilt to a good King size

NETYs - I got two kits out of deep storage, washed and ironed the fabrics, and cut them all out for future easy piecing. Winter Woodlands and Primrose Paths, I believe they were called.

Valentine for Scott - Wildlife Trio is pieced together and its applique fused on.

Stash Rehab - I found a block that will be great for this, but have not worked out a plan

Additional to list: 
Nicole's Mountains - a mini quilt for my sister's birthday, mostly assembled.
All Thru the Night - a Sue Garman pattern that I really want on my bed for Christmas. Augmenting to king size. I have the applique panel ready to prep.


  1. Congrats on a gorgeous finish! You had a very productive January and got lots done.

  2. Wow! Your Bohemia quilt is fantastic! I love the vibrant colors in it. I hope this is one you get to keep for yourself.

  3. Congratulations on a very productive month. The Bohemia quilt looks wonderful. I think the quilting looks great.

  4. You really did have a good month! The "Bohemia" quilt is beautiful, and different. I always like different! Zooming in on the photo I can see how much work is in all the details. What a treasure.

  5. O.k., that Bohemia quilt is stunning! Glad I didn't see that when you were making it or I'm sure I'd have another PIG or UFO right now! You are rockin' your To Do list!

  6. Just reading the list makes me tired. Impressive finish!


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