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Monday, May 8, 2017

BOMs Away - Painting Right Now

Welcome to the link-up for BOMs Away Mondays!
Do you ever start Block-of-the-Months and then not finish them? 
Or maybe you just like doing a lot of them?
This is where you can share what you're doing on a BOM or anything you work on at given intervals. 
Show us what you accomplished in the past week or so!
(Linky at the bottom.)

Oh! Sorry to post a little late - I did not do any BOM work this weekend, because I was heavily engaged in transforming the extra bedroom into a longarm room. Most everything is now out of that room, the walls are prepped for a pretty color, and I got the ceiling painted. The room was fully encased in this weird, depressing, dark-feeling tannishgrayolivy color that came with the house, and 5 years later, it's about time that it got painted over!! Going with a cheerful light green under a pretty cream ceiling, and later on I'll paint the old, bashed-up oak trim into a nice semi-gloss white. Hopefully, I can finagle a new French door for the room by summer's end. I want to keep the room closed off from the cats, but I don't want to feel imprisoned when I'm working in there. I get SADD (seasonal affective depression disorder) very easily!

I do have a tiny bit of BOM interest to share. On normal evenings, I hand stitch on applique while Scott and I watch a show. I've been working on these two blocks from "Fiesta Mexico," and now I've started in on a fun block for the new project, "Octopuses Garden":

Having these 3 blocks on the go at once gives me a good range of work for the different stages of backbasting technique that I use, so that something can always marinate overnight, but I also always have something ready to stitch down. Lots of overlapping pieces on these, so sometimes I can only baste a couple on at a time. That bottom one looks super strange in progress, doesn't it??


Have you done any BOM work lately?

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  1. Hello Lynette. I am so excited for you to get a longarm! How wonderful that you are having fun painting and preparing for it!
    I too like to prep applique' and keep it around. I love to hand stitch it down but don't love so much the iron and glue basting. I do keep it basted for road trips and timeaway from home. I like to do machine work at ome and hand work at other times.


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