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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Q2 Finish-Along Prospects

It's that time - the link-up for our Q2 lists of potential finishes is open this week.

I'm posting my list of projects that I intend to finish by the end of June, along with some extras that would be really nice to finish as well. There's not a small quilt in sight - all are large wall quilt to queen size, so it's good that several are already partly quilted!

The Big Five:

Lori's Aliya - marks are chalked in, ready to pin baste and start quilting this unique commission! 

There are times that my acrylic overlay sheet
is my favorite item in the world

Sew Spooky - it's probably half-way quilted, so high time it gets finished up. I want it on the wall this October, without fail.

Plums in November - quilting is started, just need to develop how I want to do a plummy-leafy feather treatment along the braids. . . 

Devon's Quilt - huge project, but the center is all quilted. Ready to figure out the quilting for the outer borders and get that done up.

Firehouse 1 - Flimsy state, this is a community service quilt

Icing on the Cake:

Rainbow Jane - Boy, do I want this finished after it's waited literally years for a turn. I have a quilting template developed for the spacer triangles. Lots of marking before this can be layered and basted. 

Leaded Glass - one of my favorite Flimsies, but I'm still not convinced I don't want to pull the outer edges off...

Mermaid Fantasy - needs some trapunto work, then quilting

Modernology - probably my very favorite Flimsy, and I even have a scrumptious lemonade backing for it.

String of Pearls - this is a no-brainer, even, because I want to quilt it up just like Christa did. So why wasn't it done up ages ago?

So that's my Q2 proposal list. Hopefully I'll have 6 finished quilts to enter at the end of June!

And for streamlining's sake, here is my
March Report/April Plan:

March - I am almost back into my full groove after the long wedding escapade and gigantic Lupus flare knocked me out of quilting for about 8 months. 

UFO work:  I got 2 items on my 17 for 2017 list squared away (completely finished "Scott's Air Force Retirement" and moved "You Must Be Croaking" from partially done up blocks to full Flimsy status). So that's 3 off the list so far. I made good progress on the next one, which is slated for a complete finish in the next three weeks and has the Priority slot in my work load.

BOM work: BOMs Away Monday is back up and running!!  I reacquainted myself with each of the BOMs on my rotation list and got "Fall All Around" washed, ironed, kitted, and started for the empty slot. Then, after weeks of resisting, I caved and bought a 1/2 yard bundle of the new "Sugar Pie" fabric collection and several pieces of "Grunge" to join in on Sarah Fielke's "Down the Rabbit Hole" BOM. I am almost finished sewing the month 2 portion.

Hand work: Fiesta Mexico is finally moving along! I stitch on this almost every evening during the show Scott and I watch after dinner.

NETY prep: I pulled "Big Sister, Little Sister" out of the deep storage of not-even-touched-yet old kits and got it washed and ironed. Did not get it kitted by month's end.

Community Sewing: I haven't yet gotten back into the rhythm of adding this to my personal sewing.

April - Get 2 projects off the 17 for 2017 list. Stay in my groove of Mon-Thur being dedicated to the priority project, with evening hand stitching and Free Fridays for whatever I want to do. Saturdays I'd like to get back to prioritizing community sewing, and keep Sundays rolling for BOMs and the link-up. Get caught up with the NETY work so there's one processed per month. And for cryin' out loud, finish cleaning the last of the storage room pull-out that's on the pool table. :D

Oh, yeah! - attend that APQS roadshow to figure out which longarm and what setup I want to buy later in the year.

Priority Work: "Lori's Aliya" followed by "Stepping Stones" and then "Sew Spooky"


  1. That's an ambitious agenda. Is your String of Pearls from the Moda Bake Shop? I think I've made that quilt in way different fabrics. Love your Rainbow Jane, but I think my favorite of the bunch is Sew Spooky. That one is very tempting.

  2. You've got some gorgeous projects on your list for this quarter. I couldn't pick a favorite. Glad you've been able to get back into the groove after illness and extra activities. Good luck with all your plans for this quarter.


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