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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

WIP - 3D Construction with Pals, and a Birthday!

Needed a break from the machine for a little bit, so I thought I'd put up a WIP Wednesday post. 

Well, first I snuck a sliver of left-over birthday cake from last night. Yum!  Our youngest is officially a young adult now. Yeah - I admit that made me feel middle-aged finally! Good thing I'm immature, so I don't really think I'm that old.  ;D

She wanted a lazy go-to-school-in-your-sweats day, so she didn't want pictures taken. I had fun doing things like stringing 18 pink roses up the stairs for her to gather, putting a few balloons here and there for her to find, with a little red-and-white rose bouquet and a card where she likes to sit in the family room. And doesn't every girl need a moose to pick her up from school with a love monkey and some snowmen brownies when Mom comes to take her out to lunch?  :)  

Before this break, I finished the initial construction of these large 3D panels, which gave me a LOT of leader/ender action for several other projects, including my "Allietari" part 1 HSTs (all are sewn, about 1/3 are cut apart, and maybe 1/5 are pressed open and seen here), some circles I need for a Christmas project, and some of the work on rays for the "Parasol" kit I bought back in March or April. 

Those panels have a ton of 1/2"-finished flap rows that could have been nasty if I'd gotten my math wrong or botched the precision sewing. (You can see the oversized ends I put in just in case I needed extra fabric when I attach them.) But laying them out so far, they're spot on!  Now I need to put my engineer hat back on and figure out how to get the twists all nice and pretty, secured, and incorporated the way I want in the project they're for. . . 


  1. Happy birthday to your youngest! I'm afraid I've passed the middle age marker and am now a senior. It's kind of scary, but I use it as an excuse to do whatever the h--- I want! The cake looks yummy! Wish I had a piece right now!

  2. Happy Birthday to your daughter! It looks like you both had a lovely day :)

  3. Hi Lynette happy birthday to your daughter,oh that moose is so cute,hope she has a wonderful day xx

  4. looking at those 3D construction units....your a braver woman that I am...if I was tackling that it would be a case of...what can go wrong, will go wrong!! love all the birthday surprises....so much fun...you are definitely a young at heart mum... and they never get 'old'! Oh, to be eighteen again...feels like yesterday sometimes...happy B'day to your miss 18! Thanks for linking up with Bits 'n Bobs for Design Board Monday.

  5. It looks like you did a great job of keeping the smiles going for her birthday, yay for immaturity.

  6. Happy Birthday to your daughter! Considering your attention to her, she must have had a great birthday. (I would like to have a little piece of that delicious-looking cake, too.)

    You have lots of projects going on. They look bright and interesting.


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