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Thursday, November 12, 2015

A Few of My Favorite Things - Trunk Show Linky

Online Quilt Trunk Show | Whims And FanciesThis is a fun Blogworld quilt show, hosted by Soma at Whims & Fancies. I am spotlighting my top three favorite quilts that I've finished entirely on my own, with bonus favorites tagged onto the bottom that I had quilted by professionals.

"25th, Baby!"  

This one took me just over a full calendar year of my top attention priority to construct and quilt. I made it to celebrate our 25th anniversary, which was in August 2014. I finished it in October of that year.

Cutting:  39:10
Piecing:  122:15
Pin-basting:  7:30
  Stitch in Ditch:  22:05
  Detail Work:  103:45
  Arcs:  10:00
Attaching Binding:  6:10 (includes hand cutting the edge and zig-zagging for stability)
Finish Work (cleaning papers off, tying & tucking ends):  62:05
Handstitching Binding down:  18:35

It is a huge king size quilt, finishing at 98 x 110 inches, and it was all quilted on my table-top domestic Sapphire 875Q.

It has monogram and commemorative quilting in the central rings

For more details, you can see its finish report post HERE.

"Semper Fi - Combass"  

This was made this year in honor of my son-in-law's acheivement in graduating from the Marine Corps basic training. NOT an easy thing AT ALL!  

Finished this past August, this was an original design and as with all my work, was quilted on the desktop Sapphire 875Q. 

I used trapunto on the central medallion and touches of metallic gold thread here and there. 

I'm sure the end result with the perfect Marine Corps feel is just as key to my absolute love of this quilt as is the pride and love I feel for our Marine.

If you're interested in more details, its finish report is HERE

"Run, Kitty, Run"  

This is the first quilt I made with "serious" free-motion quilting throughout. It is my first happy feather work, too. 

Finished in July of 2013, this was made as a special thank you for a friend whose personal journey to fitness profoundly affected me (she lost over 150 pounds through changing her diet and running). Her example got me off my tush and into a much healthier lifestyle. I don't doubt that it actually saved my life.

Those are 85% reductions of her favorite running shoe's footprint!

And she was famous for encouraging everyone to just do whatever they could to get healthier by saying: "Every Step Counts!" So I quilted that on each corner with a heart for the fourth. Who cares if you can't actually run or do long mileage? Seriously - every step you take is more than the old you sitting all day at a desk or sofa did!

If you're interested in more details, its finish report is HERE

Favorites that were quilted by professionals:

(These are listed in order of finish, and clicking on their name will link to their detailed finish reports.)

"Sailing with the Flying Needles", quilted for me by Patty Butcher, and finished August 2011. 

I adore the embellishments I put on this and the fun design I came up with for the block-of-the-month sailboats that I got from our guild's drawing the summer before. 

I even love its applique-sailboat label!

"Amaretto Cottage", a huge king size quilted by Margaret Solomon Gunn, was finished in March 2013. 

It frequently graces our bed, and I just LOVE the way she brought very nice organic order to the varied block-of-the-month pieces.

"Wild Rose Cottage", a queen size quilted by Kathy Schwartz, was finished in April 2013. 

I just adore how cheery and homey this block of the month turned out, and it looks fabulous hanging over our grand piano when it's having a turn.

"Dragonfly Party 1" -and- "Dragonfly Party 2", quilted by Kay Bell and Judi Madsen, these twins have a very special story, and are each works of art! I finished them in July 2013. 
The quilters were given carte blanch to do whatever they wanted, and it's beautiful to see the effects they achieved. These have cool appliqued labels, too, and their colors are far nicer than this photo shows. But it's an awesome shot at the Air Force Academy! 

You really want to follow the link to see the details of what Kay and Judi quilted.



Me:  :)

"Heather Bear!" was made to celebrate our daughter's graduation from college, and was quilted by someone local because I ran out of time. 

Finished in May 2014, it is made from their school colors. (It took a year of occassional shopping to find a great border fabric that was not ostensibly Christmas!) Its back incorporates favorite photos from those years and giant bear claws for their mascot.

I hope you enjoyed my little "trunk show." Check out the link-up for some really great eye candy from other quilters!

Trunk Full of Quilts 2015


  1. I'm sorry. . . I drooled all over your quilts!! SO jealous that you have a Judi quilted quilt!! ;) But your quilting is absolutely beautiful!! Your anniversary quilt is nothing short of amazing! Wow, I'll be back - your work is so incredible!! I'm going to go wipe the drool off of my computer now ;) Thank you so much for sharing at the Trunk Show!!

  2. Oh my a wonderful show for sure! I admire anyone that can do machine quilting on a domestic machine especially in such detail and on a large quilt! Thanks for sharing your work!

  3. Utterly awesome quilt show! Every one of these quilts is breathtaking. You have become as skilled as the very best quilters and could give them all a run for their money. Seriously amazing work Lyn! Speaking of running - i love your story behind Run, Kitty Run.

  4. Wow! What beautiful quilts. Love your 25th anniversary quilt, and all the time involved. Your quilting is just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.

  5. They are all just awesome quilts! Love the quilting on your home machine - I am humbled.

  6. Beautiful quilts, awesome quilting. Thanks for sharing

  7. THose quilts are stunning. I love the log cabin you made for your friend. So inspiring

  8. They are all so wonderful and it's fun to revisit old friends, I can remember following the progress on these as they came to life.

  9. Beautiful, beautiful quilts. Your Marine Corps quilt on a horse is my favorite quilt *picture* of all time. You're very creative with your quilt photography. I want to get my trunk show up. Sometime this weekend, hopefully.

  10. It was hard to decide whether to oooh and aaah over the quilts or the quilting, so I did both. They are all so amazing and gorgeous! Thank you for this wonderful trunk show!

  11. These are absolutely delicious! I couldn't stop looking and didn't want to move the mouse onto the next one but I had to. Thanks so much for sharing your glorious quilts.

  12. Beautiful quilts with such amazing quilting!!

  13. What lovely goodness!! They are all so beautiful in their own ways, but two things really stand out to me--the way the wedding rings pop against the quilting on your wedding ring quilt, and your running shoe quilting on the quilt for your friend. Fabulous! Thanks for sharing all your quilts. I am having so much fun opening the trunks that not much quilting is going on here this weekend. But that's okay!

  14. Wow! Gorgeous quilts with amazing quilting, all of them. There is no picking a favorite, they are all spectacular!

  15. I am so inspired by your quilts AND quilting. Amazing! Really amazing! Thanks so much for sharing.


  16. Your quilting is amazing. Really enjoyed seeing each of your quilts.

  17. these quilts are stunning and the quilting is amazing! Thanks for sharing.

  18. Your quilts are stunning, a great addition to the trunk show. Was the military quilt photographed on the grounds of St. Francis Hospital in Grand Island??

  19. Your quilts are truly spectacular, and your FMQ skills are fabulous too! What a gorgeous trunk show - thanks for sharing!

  20. Your quilts are all so amazing! I love your anniversary quilt, but my absolute favourite is Run, Kitty, Run. Quilting the footprint of her sneaker is brilliant!

  21. I am in need of an oxygen tank!! Your quilts are works of art!! They are amazing in their intricacy. Though it is difficult to choose a favourite, as your quilts are all sublime, your 25th anniversary quilt is a triumph. I am surprised it only took you a year to stitch!! Your Trunk is filled and overspilling with perfection!!

  22. My friend Mary moved to boulder a year ago... wondering if you've met her in your quilty circles yet? Love the settings for your pics. Leeanna at not afraid of color

  23. Wow so many wonderful quilts - I especially liked Semper Fi and the red and green one.


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