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Friday, March 13, 2015

Flimsy Alert! ~ Make that Two, thanks to Cabin Fever 2!!

Last week I had the best time at the Cabin Fever 2 retreat. It's the perfect event for me: A four-day bring-your-own-projects focus with little make-and-take demos each day in a stunningly beautiful luxury mountain cabin with no cell reception and hardly any wifi. . . Lots of work gets accomplished, I'm telling you!

How could we not love sewing it up at a location like this??  (stock photo from their rental site here:)

I don't have many photos, as I was MADLY SEWING on something that you won't see for some time. But the first thing I did was zip together the blocks for my "Boomerang" quilt. The pattern is by Emily of Crazy Old Ladies, and as she's one of the retreat organizers, she was on hand to help hold it up for the photo. Awesomeness  :D

The blocks had been made a good year ago, so I was excited to have the perfect excuse to pull them out even though this project was not on the current priority list. It didn't take too long to finish up, and then I hit the project that has true urgency right now. 

During the two and a half retreat days that I dedicated to Top Secret, I nibbled away on my adorable cookie, 

made this pocketed mug mat to keep my mug on, [There was a lot of fun swag, as well, from sponsors - coupons, I won a notions pouch and charm packs, and that orange baggy has the other two make-and-takes that I look forward to finishing during TV time: a new approach for a paper-pieced pin cushion, and a golf-tee based bobbin/thread connector.]

This other charm pack from swag was off playing with the Kona color card when I was snapping shots:

and this adorable clutch that Shannon prepped (SHOWER CURTAIN GROMMET for an inexpensive yet super cute closure!!! genius!):

and marveled at the creativity of folks who brought some fantastic gifts they'd made for everyone. I mean, check out this pin cushion below that Cheryl made for everyone! The weight of the wood frame base is wonderful when you want to move between your machine and a sofa for detailed pinning work.

And this thread catcher! Too clever!!! Seriously. (I need to find out who made these so I can credit her.)  They use a mini embroidery hoop inside the top rim and a circle of wood(?) at the base, and stand up like this with NO interfacing - 

- Until you want to pack things up, they twist and nestle into themselves so they take up hardly any space at all in your notions shoebox!

April even made these fun night masks for her roommies!:

Sometimes when I was up to do some pressing, I went "dumpster diving" in the trash cans near me to pull out scraps folks didn't want. I intend to start working on an Omigosh type quilt in a few months, so anything you can cut a square inch out of works. Patti was so amused at that concept, that she sent me box after she got home - I was expecting jumbled scraps, but it was full of charm and crumb packs she won't use! What fun!  :D

And after I finished all the work on Top Secret that I could do there, I snuck in some time on the last half day to start my Leaded Glass project. I only managed this much:

The pieces for this had been laid out at home before I left, and my two older daughters helped shift things around until we thought it worked nicely. The gathering up involved some meticulous organization, so instead of shelving this when I got home, it went straight to the work area. I've just finished putting it together today, so my work area is once again free for Top Secret and my cover projects. Isn't this pretty? It's a Tracey Jacobsen design that I tweaked just a smidge. 

I may or may not take the outer edges back off. I kind of liked it without the white border and lobes. Or maybe I'll border it in dark blue like the pool table's color. . . 

But it's going to be a long time before it gets a turn at quilting, so I have time to think about things.  :)


  1. What an amazing retreat. I love your quilt tops. They are so bright and cheerful. Have you thought about making the white border narrower? I don't think I would take it off completely.

  2. Wow, looks like you had a fantastic time! That stained glass quilt is lush, such beautiful colours! :)

  3. I'm pretty envious! Looks like you had a wonderful time. I love the leaded stained glass project!

  4. Oh my goodness! So many fun things Lyn! What a marvelous retreat! I'm laughing about your dumpster diving. LOVE Leaded glass and Boomerang! You and your girls did a wonderful job arranging Leaded Glass!

  5. You had great time at the retreat and you sew a lot. I like your quilt tops so much. Beautiful pattern and colors.

  6. Your retreat all looks wonderful. Such a beautiful setting. I love how you all make gifts for each other. The stained glass quilt really does look like stained glass, it will be interesting to see what you choose in regards to the border.

  7. Awesome flimsy! And looks like the retreat was tons of fun. They got you on Instagram, so it was worth it. ;)

  8. Wow that all looks amazing! Particularly like the boomerang quilt!

  9. Wow! Just wow! So much eye candy in this post - looks like you had a fab time at the retreat (#jealous). I love the boomerang quilt, and your leaded glass quilt is wonderful! I like it both ways, with white borders and with blue - so glad I don't have to choose! Whoop whoop!!

  10. Wow what a setting for a retreat. I'm afraid I'd be outside all the time there and not get much done. Your projects are fabulous. I'll have to check out Tracy's design. I'm so jazzed now to find out about TOP SECRET! Think I know who it is for, but that's all I'm saying. Thanks for linking up to WIPs Be Gone!

  11. It looks like you had a blast! I love your projects, especially the lead glass one! I was thinking that you should continue with the white and then make another one with the blue! = )

  12. Love this quilt! Have to make it someday

  13. Thank you for sharing your project on my link party KISMIF. I am featuring you this week. Have a great day!

  14. The Leaded Glass is a spectacular quilt!


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