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Sunday, December 14, 2014

BOMs Away - another border for Ruffled Roses! & Clue 3

Welcome to the Link-Up for BOMs Away Mondays! 
We'd love to see the BOM you're working on lately. 
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Woohoo!  Getting there with my Ruffled Roses!  :D 

It snowed all day long today, which made for a perfect lazy sewing day. I got the basket borders trimmed up (an exacting, time consuming job), and the math done for the blue floater border. Then I got all the baskets attached!

I need to make 8 more lavendar berries to put on the bottom branches of the cornerstone applique where they kiss the seams with the basket borders. 

I also put together the final trio of piano-key swag border blocks - which means next month I can start the Very Last Part.  :D

I'm glad I made the decision to take the time to do this quilt's applique by hand. It's really nice this way, and I don't regret the extra time it took one single bit.

  I just looked back, and I began work on this BOM as an on-again, off-again applique project in my travel tote back in the middle of 2011. It got an official one-Sunday-per-month slot on the BOM rotation January 13, 2013. So, apparently it took a year and a half to applique that center medallion when the only stitching time I really did on it was while waiting at appointments, etc. And it will have taken just over 2 years to piece it when the only sewing time has been however long I've worked with it on 2nd-Sundays, and applique work has happened a couple times a week during evening TV time with my Honey if I haven't had bindings, labels, or hanging sleeves to work up. It's never held the priority spot for attention, and yet, soon I will have an amazing quilt top at full flimsy status.  :D

(Linking this up at Slow Sunday Stitching and Hexie Weekend) 

. . .

And! I got all my strips cut out for Clue 3 of Bonnie Hunter's 2014 Mystery Quilt: Grand Illusion. (That one green just refuses to photograph in correct color. That really intrigues me!)

As per my intention leading into Christmas, I only sewed one set of strata and put together a unit so I make sure to do everything properly when this gets a priority piecing spot after Christmas.

Linking this up at Bonnie's Mystery Monday Link-up


How are things at your place? With Christmas getting closer, have you done any BOM work lately? Maybe you've snuck in some sanity time to put a block together, or maybe you've started assembling one you've worked on all year? Or maybe it's just too crazy a time to do sewing and you're enjoying the holiday and your family?  :D


  1. I LOVE your ruffled roses!! It's so beautiful, the colours, the borders , the applique, it's got it all! That magic mystical green is very striking.

  2. Lynn, as always you blow me away with your quilts!!! This one leaves me speechless - and it's not even done yet - wow!!! That baskets border is perfect :)

  3. I am with Teresa! You must be pretty darn quick to have gotten that much done on this amazing quilt top! APPLAUSE!!!!!!!

  4. Is this a Susan Garman pattern? Very pretty...those colors are gorgeous! A very happy quilt.

  5. What a pretty quilt. Way to plan your strategy for the mystery.

  6. Right on schedule with your Grand Illusion, and that applique - wow!!! Beautiful. (And intimidating.)

  7. I love your Ruffled Roses! How cheerful!

  8. This is one beautiful quilt you have happening there. Wow with the baskets and the applique...all of it!

  9. Your applique on your Ruffled Rose is lovely.

  10. They look great! :) Loving this mystery!

  11. Beautiful Everything! .....and yes, I finished 2 BOM's this month...well, finished the blocks I should say.

  12. Oh, forgot to say I Love, Love, Love your Beautiful Kitties.

  13. I love your BOM Lynn but oh my that's a lot of applique!
    I seem to have a lot more contrast in my neutrals, one of them looks yellow in the pics but it's not!

  14. I love your cats! Such fun helpers. I also am so impressed with your BOM, and all that appliqué. I've done a lot more appliqué than I really care to this past year, but it has all turned out so well. None by hand (I'd need a magnifying glass these days..close-up vision has gone downhill fast). Like the happy colours here too!

  15. The BOM is stunning! I adore it! I'm in LOVE!

  16. All that work was so worth it Lynn - Ruffled Roses is breathtakingly beautiful! It really is interesting how you manage to keep more than one project going strong over a period of time.

  17. Is Ruffled Roses a kit or did you pick them? I'm so in love with the fabrics used. It's fabulous, Lynn!

  18. I too have the "Ruffled Roses" pattern but have not made even one block. It is on my "some day" list.

    Yours is SO BEAUTIFUL! It looks crisp and perfectly pieced. It is inspiring me as well as tempting me.

  19. Ruffled Roses is just beautiful!

    Love the greens in your mystery blocks, too.

  20. This is such a beautiful quilt, so sunny and cheerful. I bought the kit for it from Quilt Show but never had time to start it.


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