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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

WIP - Around Thanksgiving. . .

Forgive all my posts this week! Lots of catching up to do, still, and with complete changeovers at all my stations, it's fun to get a day's "snapshot" of what's going on at my quilting stations:

Hand Work Station - Stitching down the binding for my cousin's second Joseph Smith quilt! This will be a most satisfying UFO finish in several ways. 

Quilting Station - I was disappointed that I couldn't get to my "Plums in November" quilt before November is out, but it won't happen now that Thanksgiving is in gear and will occupy the rest of the month. So yesterday Heather helped me pin-baste the Laurel Burch Christmas Ornaments top - it's difficult to stop stroking the Kaufman fine-wale cotton corduroy backing I'm using for it!

Piecing Station - Idle at the moment since I cleared out the two tops in the last post, but not for long! Today I will iron the last of my pinks, and on Friday morning I am ACTUALLY PARTICIPATING in this year's Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt, "Grand Illusion" instead of jealously watching everyone else. Everything is from stash - another dedication this year to no new purchases at all (fabric or thread) for a project. 

And most apropros, I'll be using my new-to-me Featherweight. Its cost was only slightly higher than the repair on my Confidence would have been. It's so incredibly tiny!!! Every one of us was completely charmed by her when she arrived a few days ago, emerging from the excellent packing looking almost like an American Doll's machine! "Little Miss" was made in 1937. She only does straight stitches, but MAN are they perfection. She'll never break, being all metal, and I can service her completely myself as she's a straightforward machine with no computer parts and there are numerous detailed tutorials and videos online, with several places to order parts and supplies from. She needs more oiling and lubing, but will make it through the first day or two of mystery work until the rest of my supplies arrive.

Cutting Station - This week's explosion is getting cleared away immediately following this post, after some paper projects and a mail-delivered Christmas panel project for Heather to do invaded the space where I was trimming edges from leader-ender Boomerang pieces. The risers will also be taken out from under the table leg to prepare for this room's thrice-annual appearance as an actual formal dining room. . . 

. . . And tonight it'll be "risered" right back up again, all ready for my Friday morning gleeful dive into the Grand Illusion Mystery.

I hope all my U.S. quilting peers have a really nice Thanksgiving Day with family or friends!!

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  1. I'm running a giveaway, a great chance to win fabrics. You are welcome to enter if you want to.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I'm going to try to do the mystery, too. I'm a lot slower than I used to be but I am going to devote most of my free time to GI for the next few weeks. Have a great Thanksgiving.

  3. You are going to love your little Featherweight! Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. A 1937 Featherweight one of the earlier ones.... Watch out they are addictive I have four different models.

  5. You are gonna have so much fun on "Little Miss" with this new mystery! I am SOOOOOOOOO excited for it!

  6. I am going to do Grand Illusions too, although I'm away right now and won't be able to start it until I get home, after the second clue has gone up. I'll have to scramble to catch up. Perhaps I will do mine on my Featherweight as well. Inherited from my mother and relinquished to me last year after a ten year visit with my sister. I haven't tried it out yet I'm ashamed to say.


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