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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

December NewFO

I love Barbara's NewFO parties each month, and they're really helping me get these kits pulled out of stone-cold status and on their way to becoming quilts before my youngest is out of high school.  ;D  Lots of other fun projects emerging, so take a fun  stroll through the other links!

December was a month of greatly-reduced production, but I knew it would be with the cruise and the holidays and all.  :D  So I won't be doing an end-of-month report. But I do have a NewFO to share.

Before the cruise, I pulled out an old Christmas quilt kit called "Martha's Holiday Spin" from 2007. I'd hoped to get the fabrics washed and ironed, but they just felt so nice in my hands that I went ahead and cut everything (except the borders' final lengths).

But once it was kitted up so nicely, I couldn't resist getting some of the sewing done on it before it has to go back into storage. I got all the main blocks made - 12 Martha Washington Stars on the left and 6 Spinning Shirleys on the right.

And I did up the 4 border cornerstones while I was at it since they're just the insides of the Martha Washington Star blocks. 

And now it's coming up to the New Year, when I have to cut back on quilting hours to really get down-and-dirty with my thesis until August. So this goes back on the Christmas Storage Shelf, probably not to see the light of day again until next year's holiday season. At least it's quite a good ways on its path to flimsyhood! The pattern has lots of open areas for awesome quilting, so I have high hopes for this quilt's final state.http://catpatches.blogspot.com/2013/12/december-newfo-linky-party-and-giveaway.html


  1. Ooo, a thesis. That will take a lot of your time. All the best with it -- may 2014 be a great year for you.

  2. You got a lot done on the December NewFO. Good luck with your thesis. Those do take a lot of time.

  3. Love, love your blocks! Good luck with your thesis!

  4. Washed and ironed sure went a long way, LOL. I hope the cruise left you nice and relaxed, just what you needed to start working on your thesis.

  5. What a pretty pattern. I love pinwheels...I think they are my favorites.

  6. The blocks are beautiful and it looks like it will be a lovely quilt. Good luck on your thesis, and don't forget where your quilty stuff is stored when you need a little break!


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