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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

October Goal Post

October already?!  Well, let's put together another one of these lists that help me get so much more done each month than I'd thought I would.

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[Don't forget, I over-project on purpose, so this is not as overwhelming as it seems.]

UFOs -
  • ✓  Piñata Pizzazz - Quilt this and turn it in at the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum.

  • Kelly's 1930s - Hand quilt the remaining feather motifs.

  • Sea Breeze - Free-motion stitch and then quilt the puffer fish mini. Oh, it's name is "Koo Koo Puff"    :)

WIPs/NewFOs -

  • 25th, Baby! - Keep up the minimal quota of 2 footballs made and attached per day - shooting for 55 rings completed by month's end.
  • Rainbow Jane - Figure out the quilting for the triangles and make a stencil.
  • ✓  NewFO - Pull Jovial out of the NETY storage, get it washed, pressed, cut out.  [Is there really nothing Halloween-y or Fallish in that storage?]
It's got the 3D thing going in this pattern


  • Stay on schedule with Kelly's and Hello Moon
  • Ruffled Roses - Finish border 4 and 1 cornerstone
  • Selvages - Finish setting it [and find that quilt a better name!]

COMMUNITY SEWING - ✓   Piñata Pizzazz for flood relief, see above


FMQ Station - Piñata Pizzazz, then Koo Koo Puff
Piecing Station - 25th, Baby!, followed by Jovial
Hand Station - Kelly's 1930s and Ruffled Roses


  1. what fun things you are going to be working on this month.
    Lovin' that whale behind kitty.

  2. What a beautiful calico helper you have there!!! She's on alert for any thieves after your quilt :*)

    That is a very ambitious list! But I tend to do that too. I will often list too much, but I like the fact that it gives me choices. I'm happier when I have choices :*) I really like the way you separate out your projects - FMQ, Piecing, Hand. Makes perfect sense! Maybe I can adapt something like that for my Get It Done lists :*)

  3. You have to be incredibly organized, with never a down moment! At least I know you won't be bored in October. =)

  4. That is a great (and long?) list - October is going to be fun!

  5. I love the whale in the background, that's not part of Sea Breeze, is it?

  6. Looks like fun to me... especially that 3-D quilt!

  7. Koo Koo Puff is very cute, perfect fabrics! Fun projects for October!

  8. Lots of cute things here....the whale, the cat and that puffer fish is the cutest thing ever!!


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