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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

WIP - Marissa's Community Sewing

Hi there!  My own WIP work is moving very slowly - still the Dear Jane catch-up, and some binding stitching on an exciting upcoming finish. 

But the FMQ feathers on the blue fields in Run, Kitty, Run have been put on hold while I let my 15yo use the machine I normally do my quilting on. 

In her Civics class she has to do an approved community service project, and she's making a quilt for Restore Innocence, an organization that helps women and girls who have been rescued from human trafficking. Their Cinderella House in Colorado Springs is not too many miles from us here in the next town up the highway.

This is the teen version of playing with your quilt layout. :)    Note that you must lay out with it!

She's got the rows all sewn together and some of the sashes put in, too, but getting a shot of her at the machine last night got nixxed because she got ill around dinnertime and went to bed early. This is the plan she has, using some fat 16ths I got in a retreat swag bag and Kona snow from my stash:

It's fun to watch her working on her quilt!  It's going to be a hard one to let go of, too. We couldn't find anything in the stash that would be good for the backing, and were bummed, until Dad said "She has a sponsor!" and he's springing for her to shop with the latest JoAnn's coupon for a backing she loves. What a guy. :D  (He knows I'm on a shopping hold while things gets under better control.)


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  1. Well of course she's making a quilt! ;) she looks like she's having in with it, too. Great colors and a nice basic layout. And woohoo for a sponsor!

  2. So wonderful that she's making a quilt! I especially appreciate the teenage posture- reminds me of flinging myself across the old ping-pong table we had growing up so I could reach something and my mom hollering from the next room "just walk around it...."

  3. How wonderful is this... and I so recognize the laydown pose! Good times!

  4. So funny, her laying on the pool table! How neat that your kids are interested in quilting, you are lucky.

  5. What a lovely daughter you have! That's fantastic. I'm sure the quilt will be well loved and appreciated! Great pics, great quilt, and great story!!

  6. I love the idea of laying out the quilt on a pool table. Genius.

  7. that backing and binding sure is pretty together.
    Now that is going to a very nice quilt for someone. Can't wait to see it all come together. Hope she is feeling better

  8. That quilt layout is lovely; what a great cause to be making a quilt for!

  9. Love this and a great memory for the rest of her life.

  10. The biggest difference between a teen laying out a quilt and a grandma laying out a quilt (on the table) is that we could probably get up there, but most likely couldn't get back down without embarassing ourselves! What a great photo--lovely memory!

    Elizabeth E.

  11. What a great project for you daughter!

  12. What a wonderful gift she is making for some one who needs love support and comfort. Make sure your DD puts her first name some where on the quilt as the maker so the recipient can give her a name when she thinks of the maker. It will be very very hard for her to part with some thing she has spent hours making, aren't dads wonderful!!!!!!
    What a wonderful idea for a pool table LOL. I hope we see photo's of the finished quilt and it is not the last quilt that she will make. Cheers Glenda Down Under


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