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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April Report with NewFOs

How can it already be time to wrap up the next month?  Looking at my goal post for April, it went well. I had listed 4 goals for 4 UFOs and WIPs:

✓   My UFO of over two years, Wild Rose Cottage, is finished!

✓   Baby English 1.0 with a matching book bag, is finished and should arrive at my sister's today.

✓   Run, Kitty, Run got all its walking foot quilting and I did about 1/3 of the feather FMQ on the blue bands. I had to relinquish the machine that does FMQ to Marissa half-way through the month for her to do her community service quilt work (still not available to me), so I do need to finish the rest of the blue quilting. In that work place, though, I got many more Jane blocks caught up.

✓   Hoot Twister NETY (UFO family of Never-Even-Touched-Yet kits) pulled into action!

Now, before I go into the report on the "official" NewFO of the month, I have to mention that there was also the emergence of "Hello, Moon!" on my BOM rotation to learn a technique for other BOMs that are stalled for the next step. 

Except that these are all stitched now. Too late for photo update.

As well as my 15yo's community service quilt project for her Civics class. She needed enough tutoring and help that this was a collaboration project. Come back Friday for her story!

Now on to the "Real" NewFO news:

Back in January, I'd projected the NewFO intention to pull the It's A Hoot (by Momo) layer cake and yardages that I'd purchase back in - oh - 2011 to make a Twister quilt with. 

Well, the Twister idea is still on my list of wanna-do's, but it wasn't entirely floating my boat for this layer cake once I opened it up. So I hit my pattern stack and pulled out "Mod Medallions" by Amber Johnson of A Little Bit Biased.

While Marissa used my Sapphire this last week and a half to quilt her Civics community service project, I traced and prepped the blocks, and sewed on the sashes and cornerstones. 

Got all the field blocks finished so I could figure out a layout. 

I'll sew it together using the webbing strategy. (Linda talks about that here.) I really like how you don't have to keep laying rows out for that method, but this is a bit larger quilt and it will get quite heavy to manipulate about half-way through the center. So I'll do it in two separate webs and join them afterward. They're carefully stacked and labeled - A,B,C,D,E & A2,B2,C2,D2,E2.

But tomorrow's May, which means a return to the previous WIP priorities. So I wrote a detailed note to myself and meticulously stacked everything in a fancy project box (those Amazon boxes are the perfect size, I'm tellin' ya!). It'll sadly go on the "I'll get back to you as soon as I can" shelf. But at least it's out of Cold Storage and on the work line!

That quilt next to it?!!!!  Some of you have seen Kay of Borderline Quilter blog about it, and some have seen Judi of Green Fairy Quilts blog about its twin.  Exciting UFO finishes coming up for May!!!  But that's for tomorrow's Goal Post.  ;D


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  1. You daughter is just lovely. Those mod medallions look great.

  2. It all looks wonderful, but that sneak peak has me wanting to see May's list.

  3. You've got my head spinning! So many gorgeous projects in one post... amazing! You just reminded me I've got the Mod Medallion and a layer cake of Terrain set aside for it.. oh no... another project to start. Wild Rose Cottage is so beautiful it deserves to be shown. Gorgeous daughter you made too ;o)

  4. You had an AMAZING April! I'll have to investigate the webbing link... I'm terrible at getting blocks mixed up during assembly and have learned to take quick pics with my phone every step of the way to double check.

  5. WOWEE! some really great finishes. congrats!
    love your daughter's quilt.

  6. What fun little blocks. That is a unique design. And your finish is absolutely gorgeous.

  7. That pattern shows off your What a Hoot fabrics quilt well. Sorry it has to go on time out...

  8. Yes. I've seen Kay's blog post and the work from both of you is beautiful.

    you had a very productive April -- some lovely projects there; Marissa's project looks fabulous.

  9. You get so much done! I'm so impressed with your stick-to-it-iveness. I especially like Mod Medallions. Are those blocks pieced?! I'm tickled that you've referred readers to my post about the Web, and are using this method yourself. Makes me feel like I've been a bit helpful. And you must be thrilled that your daughter is sewing - a chip off the block! I'll be looking forward to the post about that project.

  10. Your projects are all wonderful and what a lovely daughter you have! Can't wait to hear more about her project, too.

  11. Beautiful daughter. You must congratulate her for me on a job well done. Great work for the month of April. Can not wait to see what you do in May. XX Kathleen


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