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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April First-of-Month WIPs 'n UFOs

This is my monthly planning link for these wonderful motivationals:

First, a look at the three April UFO considerations:

Wild Rose Cottage (UFO) - bind it for the finish!!

Kathy's photo at http://tamarackshack.blogspot.com/

This quilt just got home from Canada! Kathy did the most wonderful quilting on it, complete with a doggie out front on the lawn. It charmed even my often-blase 19yo! I need to bind it, which will happen after the walking-foot portion of Run, Kitty, Run's quilting is finished.   I can't wait to do the finish report for this one. :D

Dragonfly Party 1 (UFO) - is currently on Judi's quilt frame, getting this kind of attention~! I've got its binding all cut out for when it comes home.


Hoot Twister (NETY - UFO family) -  Time to do something with this super-fun layer cake that's been sitting in my kits storage for a good three years. . . 

Now for the current WIPs, which you've seen lately:

Baby English 1.0 (Gift from stash) - bind it for the finish; make the book bag; mail to Katie

Run, Kitty, Run (Gift from stash) - get the walking foot quilting done and the blue portion of the FMQ started.

BOMs (4 UFOs and the long-term WIP, Dear Jane) - continue one morning's work each week  on Kelly's Heritage quilts, Ruffled Roses, Block Swap Adventure, and Beachwalk. Try to catch up 25 Janes during the month.


  1. I follow Kathy's blog too... hopefully one day I'll have a finish worthy of her gorgeous work. You are just on a roll... can't wait for more.

  2. You are a prolific quilter producing amazing works. It must be exciting having Judi do your quilting, her work is exquisite!

  3. Your Wild Rose Cottage is so beautiful!! I popped over to Kathy's blog to take another look at the extraordinary work she did on it!!

  4. YOur quilt is stunning!
    WOW! you got Judi to do one of your quilts!? I know it will be awesome.

  5. Oh, my gosh, you're going to try to do all that in a month? You must be really fast! Beautiful quilts. Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day.

  6. Really love the Wild Rose Cottage quilt.

  7. love that house quilt. That's one I pinned. Like the dog in it also.

  8. This all sounds so ambitious! You are putting all of us to shame.

  9. I want to do that quilt! Yours is gorgeous!

    Good luck on your April list! and thank you so much for linking up and including a shout out for the Monthly To Do List Linky Party. :)

  10. Your Wild Rose Cottage quilt is absolutely beautiful. I have seen it before, and now I remember why I have always wanted to do this one!
    Julie @ The Crafty Quilter

  11. Lovely quilts! Good luck and lots of fun with you April-plans!


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