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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

WIPs - Baby English, Run Kitty Run, Jane Babies

FMQ Station - 

Let's get these parties started!!

"Run, Kitty, Run!"

"Baby English 1.0"

These are gift quilts that have top billing for my limited sewing time these days. Since they're both white and blue, and both have the same minky backing, I'm quilting them in tandem for each stage. I'm about half-way through the walking-foot white portion. To be followed by walking-foot blue, then FMQ white and FMQ blue.  If Baby English doesn't come early, I'm pretty sure I can actually have his quilt and book tote finished before he gets here.  :)

Afternoon Update: The walking-foot work went super quickly, so I even got to start in on the FMQ today. Just a tad finished before my time was up, but it sure was fun putting in some beads to make the blue bands pop and some waves to go with the sailboat theme in the novelty print! :)  

Piecing Station - 

Supposed to be doing Ruffled Roses lattice pieces, but my poor machine went >kaput<.  Going to drop it off at a repair shop today. . . 

Hand-work Station - 

Jane Babies in a never-ending stream right now each evening while we watch the show-of-the-night.



  1. Love the blue and white HST quilt! Sorry to hear your machine had to go to the doctor...

  2. Poor machine... and poor you if you're going to be without it for any length of time. Lovey wips!

  3. Love the straight lines combined with swirls! Both quilts are very cute.

  4. My sewing machine just came back from the doctor also all better now just in time to start working on my dear Jane. Starting with the easy blocks first. Can't wait to see your finish quilt - hope your sewing machine feel better soon :-) Lovely quilt

  5. Great quilts and quilting. Love the waves and bubbles.

  6. Lovely blue and white quilt!

  7. Love the blue and white quilt babscorbitt@gmail.com

  8. That's a nice round up of your projects Lyn. I like that you have a variety of projects and stages happening at the same time. I really like your Baby English quilt - looking lovely.

  9. I really like the lines mixed with the FMQ...looks super!

  10. Lovely quilting, Lyn. My machine doctor says there's a three-week waiting list so my baby's check-up is just going to have to wait! Hope she doesn't get sick :)

  11. I like the quilting especially the string of circles. Hope you don't have to wait to long to get your machine fixed.


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