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Sunday, March 31, 2013

March Finishes and April Goal Posts

BOMs Away is here:  

My March Work is smile worthy.  :)

I kept up with my BOM work and even caught up a large number of Dear Jane blocks with my evening hand-stitching time, so that my chart moved from this:

to this:

As for my list of "regular" quilt work - well - take a look:

My Amaretto Cottage (UFO) is finished.

Run, Kitty, Run (Gift from stash) is basted and stabilized. I didn't get all the walking foot part of the quilting finished as I'd wanted (had to order the correct thread). But. . . see the next item.

Baby English 1.0 (Gift from stash)  is completely quilted, not just its walking foot portion. So that more than makes up for the above. Still need to make the coordinating book bag.

You Must Be Croaking (NETY - UFO family) is nicely started


April Goal Post:  

Wild Rose Cottage (UFO) - bind it for the finish!!

Baby English 1.0 (Gift from stash) - bind it for the finish; make the book bag; mail to Katie

Run, Kitty, Run (Gift from stash) - get the walking foot quilting done and the blue portion of the FMQ done.

Hoot Twister (NETY - UFO family) - Get this pulled into the mix for the year for April's NewFO.


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  1. It's the invasion of frogs! LOL really cute!
    Your cottage quilt is stunning. Congrats on all your accomplishments! WOW!
    Happy Easter!

  2. Bravo!!! Just the work on your Dear Jane alone is amazing... then you just kept right on going! Great job!

  3. You made awesome progress in March. Just look at all those finished Jane blocks and those adorable FROGS!
    Wishing you another terrific month ahead!

  4. Great progress on the Dear Janes!

  5. Love the frog blocks, but even more the photo, and most of all the name of the quilt! You got a lot of Dear Jane blocks finished.

  6. Hahaha I giggled when I saw the frogs up the stairs. Nice projects!!

  7. Loving your Dear Jane! And the Baby English 1.0 is absolutely gorgeous!!


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