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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

WIP Wed. - 5 Dec 2012 - roses and bugs and cold fingers

Last week's WIP is finished, so the focus has shifted. 

Top billing is currently at the quilting station, where "Marissa's Moment" is back on line. This is twin-sized, with scalloped edges. The pinwheel field in the center is all quilted, as is the outer border and some stabilizing along the stems and leaves of the flower field. 

Right now I'm quilting in the bugs.  (The wrinkles you see are because the quilt's bunched up to catch some light.)   We have butterflies. . .

dragonflies. . . 

and bumble-buzzes.

Next, I'll do the lacework around the heart flowers.

Up on the main level of the house, I'm cutting pieces for the assembly of my "Wild Rose Cottage" BOM. I'll very likely do some piecing every now and then for a break from the intensity of FMQ work.

And when we're watching our post-dinner shows, I'm stitching the binding for "Wagon Wheels West - 2," after which I have the last little bit of very special quilting to fill in.

But I need to get me some of those fingerless gloves! My hands just get so chilled at night.

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  1. Ohhhh what a nice find you are ....your blog is a lovely hoot

  2. Marissas moment is just precious! Love the fireflies and bugs ect. Well done!

  3. All lovely projects. Our household goods are due to be delivered on Dec. 12...and I brought several BOM projects...just maybe I'll get to start working on them soon.

  4. Beautiful projects! I love your quilting and look forward to seeing more of it...

  5. wow I love your bugs, what a special touch to a quilt

  6. great pieces Lynn....thank you for your wonderful comment

  7. Thanks for stopping by Freshly Pieced and for your nice comments about my sewing projects.

    I couldn't decide about what to do for the shams, as I've seen so many of them that I just didn't like. I so appreciate your observations that the blowing-them-up worked.

    Your stack of WIPs are inspirational. I esp. love the bugs and butterflies that you are quilting into your quilt.

    Elizabeth E.

  8. I also love quilting butterflies and dragonflies- they're good fun!

  9. Well, YOU'RE the one who's motivational! My goodness. Look at all you're doing! Quilting, piecing, hand-sewing binding, AND being a student-wife-homemaker. And you do beautiful quilting too! I'm in awe.

  10. What a sweet quilt and your FMQ is lovely!

  11. Oh, how cute! Love the bugs.

  12. What a lovely, cheerful blog! Thanks so much for sharing what you do!


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