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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

WIP Wed - 12 Dec - Whoa - 12-12-12 :D

Pretty cool date, I must say.  :)    
In fact, let's schedule this post to go up at 12:12!

P.S. - at 12:12 I savored not one, but TWO delicious bakery brownies as a special treat for the moment. Carpe Diem!!

Still have the same three WIPs on line.

At the FMQ station:

Did all the bugs and the flower heads. (Boy did that make the backward yo-yo's POP!)

Sewing the buttons on the pinwheel field

- I left long tails when I quilted them just to use for the buttons.

Working on the grass now. Flange kept getting in the way again, so I've resorted to taping sections back as I work across.

At the piecing stations

Making lots (and lots) of pickets and rails. Decided the pickets needed to be "tented" like in the medallion applique, so I've added that step - but wonky style. No time for measuring and marking. Like it better this way, anyhow!

At the stitching station

So close to being finished with the binding. Haven't had much TV time at all, so that's very slow going.

At the Man's station

Have you seen those hanging beds? Our 15yo begged for one, and it enchanted Scott and I, so we said "Sure!"  Well, you can't buy them, unless you have many thousands to pay some dude in New England, and then who knows what the shipping would be. 

So Scott's been playing with the wood from the kids' old bunk beds and his Man Toys in the garage. He gets real cute when you let him show you his plans.  :D


Thank you to Lee and this week's host for facilitating this motivational link-up!
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  1. I LOVE your pinwheels, can't wait to see the finished quilt, it looks fabulous!
    Wow what a project for your husband to take on as well!

  2. The color scheme you're using for the pinwheels is great! And I've often longed for a hanging bed, so glad you're going for it!

  3. Wow! Lyn the pinwheel quilt looks beautiful, I love the soft colours especially the applique.
    I've never seen a hanging bed before looks interesting, somehow I don't think they would take off here in the UK due to the rain and lack of palm trees :-)

  4. ooohhh. I'm looking forward to seeing that pretty pink piece when it's done!

  5. This quilt looks fab and the bed is amazing!

  6. Does the bed come with that view of the ocean and the palm trees? If so, I want one too :-)
    Is that lovely quilt going on your bed? It is amazing.

  7. the pinwheel field has lovely soft colouring; you've been busy by the look of it!

  8. That hanging bed is ridiculously cool!

  9. Of course you had to have 2 brownies, it was a momentous moment!

  10. Wow! Lovely work, Lyn - had to pop by after you left me such a lovely comment ...so glad I did, your work is fabby. I'll be back :)

  11. Looks like a very productive week at your place. It's great to see your husband also has some creative interests.


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