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Friday, November 23, 2012

Another Finish Up!! - A Sister's Heart - Heather (and the trio)

This is so fun! A string of finishes every Friday   :D

This is Heather with her "Sisters' Hearts" - bound and snipped just in time for her to get home for Thanksgiving on Tuesday. 

Devon's "Sisters' Hearts" was actually finished long ago, when they were quilted back in March. But she took it to her dorm before I got a snapshot of her with it to record the finish. 

Hers has a fun racing stripe because I didn't have enough red to make it one color.

(The hearts are rag-style, with fuzzy flannel edges after getting washed.)

You saw Marissa's last week, but here she is again for continuity's sake:

All three of these quilt tops were made last winter break by the whole family. They're the same size, at 62" x 86". The inner background fabrics are the same for all three, with different colored hearts, stop-borders, and outer borders. Oh, and coordinating minky backs. 

Dad carefully cut out the borders long-wise. I sewed strips of three together, appliqued the hearts on, and added the borders. The girls laid out and stitched the center fields (although Marissa swears she didn't do this), and they wove their hearts. 

Patty Butcher did the marvelous quilting on her longarm, choosing a different panto for each one as she thought best fit the quilt's personality. She did a fantastic job interrupting the pantos for each heart and doing the custom criss-crossing for those. 

As you saw least week, Marissa's got this one with white thread:

Heather's got this one with the stylized clovers in green thread:

Devon's got this one in red thread (the colored threads look AWESOME on the fronts): 

We are all quite in love with these very fun, super-snuggly quilts. I keep finding them all over the house.

Yes, even on the roof!!  ;D


  1. These are lovely! How sweet to have them matching and made by the family together.

  2. Those are some very lovely quilts. It looks like it was a lot of fun to make.

  3. Great quilts, great photos and a great story!!

  4. Oh, they are wonderful. I love how they are similar but made different for each girl!

  5. Love them! How great that they're the same, yet not. And everyone had a hand in making them! (Except Marissa. ;) )

  6. Beautiful quilts!!!
    Gun, Sweden

  7. What marvelous finishes for you! They're each wonderful, with their own distinctive personality. It must be heart-warming to know they're loved so much. Way to go, Supermom!

  8. These quilts are awesome and I loved reading the story behind them.

  9. Gee Lyn, they are all great, but my eye keeps being drawn to Heather's quilt with the green!

  10. These are great quilts! I love the interwoven look of some of the hearts.


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