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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

NewFO fun for January

NewFO2012So, Barbara's got this really fun thing going this year at Cat Patches: NewFO.

Last year I really cracked down on my insane UFO list (the accumulation of 20 years of forgotten projects, three daughters' starts, and UFO's I rescued when my cousin passed away). I mean, I really cracked down. Got a lot finished. Still working faithfully on that list, but after a year of severely limiting what I was "allowed" to start new while drooling over fantastic QALs and tutorials, I am ready to be more permissive and let myself start a new project every month as long as I also shoot down at least one UFO.

Here is the UFO I finished:

Marissa's Moment pillow sham

And here is the Christmastime allowance quilt that I finished:

Snowy Day in the Woods

So, January's fling was Amaretto Cottage in the honey colorway. Now, the rules of NewFO state that the started projects do not have to be finished right away. Cool Beans!!! But this will be needed for use in June, so the only marinating on the schedule is the wait for its turn at the longarmer's. 

This is actually a 2012 BOM, but I stumbled upon a source selling it as a complete kit. I was SOLD! The colors and fabrics and design all screamed at me that *this* is what we need when we upsize to a king bed with the PCS to Colorado.

Month 1 - 4 at 6"

Month 1 - 4 at 10"

Month 2 - 8 at 6"

My goal was to do two months' worth of the sewing each week. This has severely cut into my BOM sewing time, pushing everything else out of the picture except some Baby Janes, but that's OK. There are only 3 weeks left in the push after today's work!

Month 3 - 4 at 6"

Month 4 - 16" centerpiece, with stop-border added

And you'll have to wait until the next BOMs Away to see months 5 and 6.  ;D

Thanks, Barbara! This is fun, and just what I needed this year.


  1. The blocks you are doing are very pretty. I also like your cat. I have a couple cats too.

  2. Your Amaretto Cottage is going to be a treasure when it's completed. It's gorgeous!

  3. You sound like me! A year of cracking down on UFO's yields quilters that want to make something NEW! :-) Wonderful project will enjoy watching it grow. :-)

  4. I like your one for one strategy. I'm so glad you joined in!

  5. Love your Snowy Day quilt. Where in CO. are you moving?

  6. Love your UFO's and WOW, what a gorgeous FO your starting. Your blocks are so wonderful. Thanks for sharing with us all.

  7. I wish I had THOSE kind of UFOs laying around! AWESOME!!!

    I better go get to work on mine...

  8. Lots of sewing going on at your place. Keep it up!

  9. You are going to be working on something wonderful: it looks great.

  10. I love your flowery pillow and that wintery day in the woods is just lovely. ~Kimberlee

  11. I have the BOM but for the Ruby colorway. I want to do the Honey, have the fabric but now I need a color conversion since photo's don't always reproduce the color properly.


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