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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

UFO busted! 13 Gags at 11

"13 Gags at 11"
50x60 in
Marissa's first quilt, pieced summer 2011
and quilted summer 2013 in Niceville, Florida
Minky/cotton front, minky back, poly batt
I think it's a cute, snuggly quilt with nice colors. Marissa, 13,  crinkles her nose all up because it's totally unappealing to her now.  Nevertheless, she seemed happy to have finished her very first quilt and sees it as a fun memento of what her tastes were when she was 11.

Two summers ago, when she pieced the top, she thought the fabrics were awesome - So awesome, she wouldn't let me sway her from sewing her first quilt with minky as one of the checkerboard fabrics.

She giggled at one point after finishing a row and waiting for me to finish helping her advance the quilt on the farme: "What I like about this quilt is that it even looks like a little kid made the flowers."  This is her favorite "little-kid-looking flower."

I love this heart. Nope, it wasn't on purpose.  :)

I like the binding she chose from my stash

I've talked about the minky being an inferior quality - not fun to work with, and disappointing in feel after working with high-quality minky. You can read about that and see her at the frame at the previous post.

Still, it's a cozy quilt and would be fabulous to cuddle under at the tv - in Colorado, maybe! In Florida, it's a bit much. Maybe it will be happiness in January for a couple of weeks.  ;D


  1. I think is great she have finish her first quilt. I wish one day I could see a quilt made by daugther barbara, even do she is not the crafty style

  2. Congrats on your first quilt, Marissa!! Great job.

  3. It looks great - you must be so proud of her. She will probably like it again when she is 15. Lol!

  4. A great finish for sure.
    Been catching up on your posts. I have missed a lot. You have been doing a lot of traveling taking the kids here and there.
    You have done some great blocks too. The owl quilt is fabulous.
    Your cats are beautiful. Love the Siamese. I had one once.


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