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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Minky tip

How funny - I recently started quilting with Minky, having a very good and then a frustrating experience, related directly to the quality of the minky fabrics.

The minky we'd got at JoAnn fabrics a couple years ago - frustrating and inferior in quality and feel to that which I used in "Hugs and Kisses from Above." I won't use it again, even in charity quilts.

Yesterday my post related to that experience, and this morning I have an email announcing a sale at the place where the Real Minky (the good stuff) came from.  I'm sure there are other sources of this good minky - so check your local quilt shops, too.  

But just in case anyone's considering trying the minky that I used last month - the kind that made my college-bound daughter say, "I want to be a baby, too!" - here is the link for that delectable Real Minky:

The particular minky we LOVED was found through this thumbnail pathway: 
Minky Solids > Minky Smooth Fabrics.

Have a good day!


  1. I bought Minky from them before, and it was DEEEEElightful!! And they've got SERIOUSLY fabulous color choices, too!! Not the white/pink/blue/lime green "variety" available under that big green J...
    :) Thanks for the link, and the tip for the sale, I need to buy some!

  2. Minkee is just so soft and lovely but I don't think I'm game to try using it yet. Thanks for the tip, once again quality wins!

  3. I haven't gone beyond the "just got it touch it" phase of Minky! It sure feels good!


  4. I've never worked with minky before. I've just spent a lot of time petting it in the fabric shops. Thanks for the tips. If I ever have a project for minky I'll know what to look for.

  5. Thanks for the tip! I've bookmarked it for the future. :)


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