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Friday, May 27, 2011

Some Mother-Daughter Fun at a Guild Challenge Workshop

I had the best time at our guild's Challenge Workshop yesterday with my daughter! This was my much-anticipated allowance to veer off my UFO list!!  :D

We walked in with our packed lunch, and got a charm pack and a half-yard of fabric to do something with. No prior knowledge except that it would have summer colors (and a familiarity with Kelly's modern bent). Marissa had brought a canvas, Mod Podge, and a brush to make a collage, I had brought some cream and gray yardage, a wavy ruler, and my sewing machine. 

Kelly didn't let me down! The fabric was modern and fun - Sugar Pop from Moda, and the cream coordinated perfectly. I was going to use this activity for one of two family projects: A baby quilt for my quilt-buddy cousin's first grandchild (my cousin passed away a year ago and can't make a quilt herself), or a wedding quilt for another cousin.  Sugar Pop and the pastel mint green were perfect for the baby quilt.

Ahh. . I knew I forgot to move something around. Oh, well.  ;D

This is the result of playing with the fabrics and my ruler:  Hugs and Kisses from Above.   Soooo fun to freeflow instead of follow a pattern! I need to get a sheet of acrylic to test out my quilting ideas, because I can't visualize whether straight(ish) or wavy lines will work better on these waves within the theme (which has dangling circles and x's). I'm just waiting for the minky backing and Sugar Pop yardage that I ordered for the binding.  :) 

And this is Marissa's Sugar Pop Owl. I love the owl! She even put a little tufty on his forehead and the leaves are textured. A little green for the grass and a smidge of blue in the sky from my stash , and a bit of yellow from Ruth's for the sun is all she added to the charms. She enjoyed the process enough that we needed to stop at the art shop on the way home for another canvas and bottle of Mod Podge. Have at it, Angel Pie!! I've got an overflowing stash that will come to life in your hands. :D


  1. Like Mother, like daughter! I love what you've both whipped up!! What a fun exercise. Sugar Pop looks like a fun range!

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  3. Hi Lynnette thank yufor your comment on my baby quilt...yes it is just poly batten..but they are puffy because the background is quilted down a lot..and the mittens aren't.

    Your work is also very nice

  4. I love both projects so much! I'm so happy you enjoyed yourself and really embraced the idea of trying something new!


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