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Monday, May 16, 2011

BOMs Away Monday #1

Whew! The last two months of last semester really took a toll on my block of the month projects. I think I overestimated how many I would be able to keep up with when I signed up for a couple new ones in addition to committing myself to finishing several from my UFO list this year. 

To help keep these on track, I'm starting a weekly goal of blogging about them each Monday, kind of a sister goal of linking up to WIP Wednesdays (since that's been so helpful in keeping me on task with my UFO list). Next Monday I'll make this a link-up tradition in case anyone else can use the bit of motivation as well. Plus, it's just incredibly fun to see what folks are working on.  :D

So. . . crazy me has no less than 9 BOM projects on my slate for 2011. Two are shorter ones, so some day it'll slacken up a bit. 3 of those fell behind one month, and 3 others fell behind two months during the term. Now you see why I'm starting "BOMs Away Mondays"!

Vermont Star
This week I caught up my Flying Needles blocks, which are actually done in triplicate - one to turn in at my local guild's monthly lottery, one for the guild's Quilts of Valor program, and one to keep. These will one day make a whole quilt top that celebrates the 235th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. 

I sewed my May Block Swap Adventure block for Pat in Oregon, who wanted a star in brights, NO black. (Yes, I used the same pattern so I could streamline cutting - besides, I thought it would be fun to play with a swirliness in the center.)

And I got all the pieces washed, dried, and CUT OUT (that part's a bit of a pain on these) for the March, April, and May blocks of the Patriots in Petticoats kits that have been stacking up. (I have seriously allergic reactions to the sizing on fabric, so I always have to wash them before sewing.) Hopefully I'll have all 6 blocks sewn before BOMs away #2, but Grandpa comes in tomorrow evening and Devon graduates on Thursday, so I'm not going to cry if they're not. These blocks are very fun historically - each one is dedicated to a gal who helped the Independence movement. I list the stories as I post the blocks, so if you like that sort of thing, just go to my label for "Patriots in Petticoats" and scroll though the results. :D

After these, I'm moving on to the more artsy BOMs on my list, because I tire quickly of working with these colors even though I love the historic quilts.


  1. I really like the Flying Needles block you did for the swap. The colors are great - they really highlight the center 'swirly'.

  2. I don't even want to think how many UFO's I have!

    Really like the "swirliness" center of that star!


  3. waoo¡ haces cosas preciosas, es un gusto seguirte y mil gracias por tus consejos en mi ingles, los aprecio mucho


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