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Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Blessed Finish and Now I Must Sleep for 18 Hours

Finally, finally, FINALLY this term is over. I loved this professor, and I learned a lot about an important topic that had been a huge hole in my knowledge, considering I'm working on a history master's degree. Several superb classmates provided excellent discussions. But [Holy Smokes!!] - I do *detest* all things political, be they old or new. And so I don't know what got into me when I actually registered for "U.S. Constitutional History."

This term was like grinding sand paper on my teeth almost the whole way through, and that's without the added trial of two serious family crises and the crazy, crazy calendar wrangling of four separate spring breaks in the household. Do you know how torturous it is to read Supreme Court opinions?

And so, even though it has NOTHING to do with quilting, I am celebrating a most welcome FINISH - all 17 pages. This one is not getting bound.  ;D


  1. Congratulations on a fantastic finish! I know you are so glad for it to be over!


  2. I'm so impressed! Congrats!

  3. wow, a masters! good for you! so glad it's over for you this semester! relax, and enjoy~maybe some quilting time?


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