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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Bama Bound 1, 2, and 3 are Ready to Go!

Yay!  6 finishes to add to 2011 - all unexpected projects, but everything came out of my stash (except the little stuffed friends) and one item came off my insane UFO list that would have undoubtedly been there until 2012. 

I sure wish I hadn't had occasion to drop my other projects and do this one, but too many families due north of us lost their homes to the Alabama tornadoes. I was more than happy to help Bama Bound Quilts.  (Please check them out, and pass the word along if you can.)

You know, the trouble with getting the camera to read colors correctly just drives me nuts. I have to admit, it's rather interesting, because it's different in different lightings, as well as from fabric to fabric. For example, this may be the only photo in which the purple fleece on the back of that center quilt actually looks the way it does. The purple in the flannel, though - in reality, it's the same as the darker purple in the floral pocket accents, which look pretty close to true life in this picture. Weird.

The totes turned out so cute, I'm going to have to make one for our house, too. The outer shell is flannel, lined completely with a black twill. Pretty sure there's enough of both fabrics left to do one up.

These 3 quilts all came from a UFO that was at least 15 years old. I'd found it - lost and forgotten - in a plastic bag in an obscure closet corner when I made my Clean Sweep Round-Up in January. 

Two are baby/toddler size, and while the last one is too small as far as a bed cover or play mat go, it's the perfect size for a toddler/preschooler to carry around and snuggle with. So I'm sending it as well. They all have either fleece or flannel backs, for maximum coziness and tactile delight. 

I'm pretty certain that the UFO happily underwent the pains of the seam ripper, now that it gets to go snuggle with not just one person, but three little girls who will hopefully get a little comfort out of an unknown friend's efforts. 

Oh - and I love labels so much - found this free label graphic somewhere online and thought it worked PERFECTLY with these quilts. Thank you to everyone who shares such files - they make the world a better place.  :) 


  1. Yay, Lynette! This was the time for your UFO to be finished! Three girls will be so thankful for your skills and generosity. (Don't you love it when procrastination is a good thing?!)

  2. Oh my.... the tote bags push your quilts over the top! What a blessing you will be to the recipients!

  3. What wonderful projects for Alabama! I will check out this link...I am originally from Alabama, and all my family lives there now...all over the state. They are safe, but so many suffered devastating loss. I will check this out!!

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  4. These are great! They turned out so well. I can't wait to see them in person. I also LOVE the labels! Thank you so much for helping out.


  5. Hey, Lynette. I posted photos I took of your quilts on the blog. Check them out!

  6. HOW GREAT of you to do this ! I need to get busy and get one or two sent out (need to finish them !!) . God Bless you ! They are adorable ; especially the labels !

  7. Hey, guess what? Flower Power #2 and #3 were gifted this weekent. Will post photos as soon as I am able. These meant so much to these girls. They LOVED them. If it is okay with you, I am going to keep the little one as a sample!

    Thanks again.
    Bama Bound Quilts


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