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Friday, April 29, 2011

Kiddo Quilts for Alabama

Bama Bound Quilts has asked for baby/children's quilts for tornado relief in Alabama. (Can you pass the link along on your blog?)

My brain was on overload, anyway, so I put my books down and went to my long-term UFO pile, where I saw a promising cheerful piece peeking out. . .

Pulled it out and found that it's almost queen-sized, but just a boring 12" checkerboard (albeit with a really cute purple floral fabric). 

Hmm, but these scraps of brights coordinate well (although the colors are all off thru the camara's eye). . . 

Frogged it and rearranged a couple pieces to yield two baby quilts and a cuddle blankie size.

Got my daughter to trace out flowers on fusible web, while I cut and fused. . . And now she's very sweetly pin-basting all three for me:

I'm going to do the quilting simultaneously with stitching the flowers down. Due to time, I'm just going to do a simple straight stitching about a 1/8th inch in since the edges are fused on. Think I'll use white shiny thread and do spirals in the big centers. Will do a meander on the rest of the quilt. 

Not sure if I'll have issues at the machine. I didn't have backing fabrics to go with this, no time to go to JoAnn's (an hour away), but I did have pretty purple fleece (which I think kids would find comforting, anyway) and a piece of pre-quilted pink flannel. I've never worked with these with quilting before, so I'm hoping the machine doesn't care.  :D   Wish me luck!

P.S. This camera really has issues these days  :/     It just can't read colors properly anymore.


liz said...

I was horrified by the devestation in Alabama. I am sure your quilts will be received warmly. You are so quick off the mark. Good luck with that quilting.

Bama Bee said...

I think they are great! I went to our JoAnn's and bought some super cute fabric. Thank you so much for your help and for spreading the word. We are still in shock.

Ivory Spring said...

What a blessing you will be to those who were devastated by the tornadoes. And... where can one place an order for such sweet girl as your granddaughter? :)

To answer your question about the wool batting: yes, it's only one layer.

~Niki~ said...

lately I've just been making quilts to make quilts, and know that there will always be a cause to give to. the last cause I gave to (a big box) was for japan. your quilt blocks are adorable!

Barb said...

Your quilt is awesome...you sure worked it up fast!