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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

One of Life's Bumps

Thought we could all use a smile - Isn't this rose beautiful? One of the few red roses I've encoutered that actually smells pretty, too.  Too bad there's not a scratch-n-sniff widget!

I've been eagerly anticipating our guild's quilt retreat that starts tomorrow - all signed up for three terrific classes, have my totes of supplies ready to go and everything! (Boy, was I good about using stash pieces!)  But now I won't get to go to at least the first day. It's OK. The reason I have to suddenly drive to a meeting 8 hours away is an important one. Family business. Well, Life does tend to pop up and slap our best-laid plans around - but those are the important moments, aren't they? 

I finally got more batteries, so I can share my UFO BOMs that I barely managed to slip into the February check-off list. I love these two projects.  :)

From Wild Rose Cottage:

I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this block. The colors are so much prettier in real life - yellow and green are vibrant, rose is less saturated, white is crisp.

(This was done in January, before I got my blog organized.)

From Selvages:

I just love this quilt, too. :D

This was the fourth month of work on the project. Previous blocks:

From June 2010 ~~>

<~~ From July 2010 - Hey! check out that fun swirl in the on-point block - looks like a cowlick on a forehead!  lol


From Oct. 2010 ~~>

<~~ And these are the alt blocks. I've put together 4 so far.

Not doing bad at all this year on moving UFOs along around my studies. Those studies really annoy me sometimes, getting in the way of quilting!!!

Why I can't sew very much at all these days:

For some strange reason I thought it was a good idea to pursue my old goal of doing a Master's in History.  ::sigh::  I just want to be a quilter when I grow up, so why am I doing this?  Oh yeah - future job options.  well, ok - I suppose   ;D

This semester will bring me half way through my pre-thesis courses. What will I do for my thesis?  I have no clue!!  Better figure that out soon and line up some faculty advisors. . .

In the meantime, take another smell of this gorgeous rose and then go make your day productive!!


  1. All of your blocks are wonderful! I especially like the Wild Rose Cottage blocks. Thank you for sharing your rose with me - I could almost smell it from here :)

  2. Beautimous! :o) I love retreats! Lucky you.

  3. Thanks for stopping in on my blog;) Your place looks like fun;)
    Happy Quilting!!

  4. A MOnday Mantra inspired by you, "Stop and smell the rose." Thank you for sharing and reminding me why I can't return to get my Masters just yet :). Em


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