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Friday, February 25, 2011

Lori's Irish Butterflies

Today's sewing was fun!

Becca came over to work on her mom's quilt. We'd started it before Christmas, with Becca and Kyle doing almost all the work under my mentorship, but ambitious high school teens in band have rare moments available at that time of year.

They'd chosen some fun gold-highlighted butterfly fabric for her, paired with some pretty purples because they said Lori loves purple. We found some metallic Gold-on-Gold blender fabric that looked AWESOME as a contrast for the border play. But we quickly tossed that because it created a strong LSU effect - AND WE COULDN'T HAVE THAT! Not for a die-hard GATOR fan! We decided to wait until the center is finished and audition some other colors for the accent border. We do know what we'll use for the outer border - it matches the lighter purple, but has really cool metallic gold swooshes all over it without looking like it belongs in Tiger Country

I happen to know that Lori also loves the entire concept of Ireland, so I suggested they work up a double Irish Chain quilt - not too hard for beginners. Just two types of blocks, no bias or HSTs or anything really frustrating.

Anyway, after a long hiatus, out came the box with Lori's pieces. . .
Now, where were we?
(Do you want to know how badly I had hovered like a hawk while they were using the rotary cutter after I tried so hard to cut my finger off the month before?!!)

 . . .and Becca got right to work. She finished several butterfly blocks and then switched to making a criss-cross block so she could finish the whole first row. Which she did quite well!


  1. I just became a follower of this blog and the Valor Quilt blog. :o) I enjoyed reading about the Welshs! Is this a surprise quilt?

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  3. Wow, hi! :D

    It was a surprise until Christmas. We'd had the best intentions of getting it finished by then, but the cut-out pieces, some sewn strips, and two finished blocks were packaged for Christmas Day. I thought it would mean more to her to take the time for her kids to sew it rather than do a solo rush job from just her friend. (Especially since one of those kids is an 18 yo man child!)

  4. What fun! I miss having my daughters friends in my sewing room...they have all scattered after college...it was so fun to help them and watch them create : ) I love the pattern and fabric they are using for their mom...great job!


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